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The Isle of Man TT
The Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) is considered one of the greatest motorsports in the world. Every year in June, motorcycle racers compete on two public roads at higher speeds of over 200mph making the event one of the most dangerous races in the world. The Isle of Man is an independent and a crown-dependent island in the Irish Sea and strategically located between Ireland and England (Vaukins 1). The island is a vacation destination and tax haven for nearly the whole year. The topography includes dense forests, flat meadows, climbing seaside, sleepy villages an historic castle ruin. The public roads traversing the land go through the magnificent features and the several villages and cities including Douglas, the largest town that also serves as the capital of the island. This article explores the history, specifics, eligibility, and the risks associated with the annual TT motorcycle racing event.
The TT History
The TT is hosted for 14 days every summer. The racers, their equipment, their teams, and over 40,000 fans are transported to the island by the ferries from Liverpool (Wright 288). During the motorsport event, the hotels, restaurants, and stores are exclusively alive. The economy island is primarily dependent on the iconic racing and tourist event. The locals are quite hospitable to the visitors and a small team of law enforcers also help to oversee and coordinate the magical sporting event. During the beginning of the 1900s, motorcycle racing began to gain popularity in Europe (Vaukins 1). The British parliament enacted a law that prevented riders from moving at higher speeds of over 20mph. Consequently, Sr. Julian Order, one of the executives of the Automobile Club in Ireland and Great Britain at the time, sought a more race-friendly government in the Isle of Man.
The island’s authorities accepted Julian’s proposal since they have their own independent parliament. The parliament of the island allowed road racing in 1904 and passed an act authorizing the same in parliament. The first motor racing event was held in 1907. The ACU-Auto Cycle Union- organized the first great race, a ten-lap race through St. John’s short course which was over 15 miles per lap (Porges 1). The TT graduated to a significantly longer course of nearly 37.73 in 1911. However, the race failed to take place in a couple of years due to the two past world wars. The TT has continued to increase its popularity substantially at the international levels each year.
Why TT has Remained Special to Many
Apart from other events such as Pikes Peak and Macau Grand Prix, Ireland, the TT is the only motor sporting event on the planet where authorities close public roads to allow flat motorcycle racing. Starting such a unique motor racing event in the world has remained a mirage. The Isle of Man allows the TT to take place because of its immense cultural significance, making the island a special place that is different f...


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