The Kite Runner Amir And Hassan Relationship - English - Essay

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Esmeralda Magana  
Ms. Haro  
29 March 2015  
CCEO 10 
The Kite Runner  
Throughout this book Amir, the main character of the book, has committed many 
mistakes that has left us all shocked, clueless and frustrated. Betrayal, hatred and loyalty are 
all part of this book that show the true colors of Amir and his mistakes.There have been 
many mistakes that Amir made, but there is only one that stand out to all of us, the rape of 
Hassan, Amir’s best friend. Almost all of the mistakes that Amir creates along this story are 
connected with Hassan either because of jealousy or Hassan's rape. Amir attempts different 
ways to get rid of Ali and Hassan. The guilt that he carries with him every day eats him alive 
and he no longer want is with him because even the slightest look at Hassans triggers the 
painful memory he carries with him about Hassan rape in the alley.  
Hassan and Amir have been best friends for a very long time. The two boys grew up 
together, Hassan would do anything for Amir. Hassan is a very loyal and trustworthy friend 
and Amir is that type of friend that really likes to see how far he could push Hassan. Hassan 
would protect Amir from Amirs wrong doing and take all the blame for Amirs ideas. As the 
years go on Hassan and Amir are still friends but Amir notices that he is compared to 
Hassan by his father. Amir can never do something that can make his father happy until one 
day Hassan and Amir enter a kite competition. Successfully both boys win, but the day 
turned from being very successful to sour, in matter of minutes. As Hassan chases after 
Amir's kite he was confronted by the neighborhood bully Assef and a group of his friends. 
Amir while searching Hassan comes across the problem that Hassan is facing but is too 
afraid to help Hassan out. As Amir watches in distance the confrontation for Hassan 
worsened, Assef assaults and rapes Hassan while Amir does nothing to help his friend out. “ 
I had one last chance to make a decision. One final opportunity to decide who I was going to 
be . I could step in the alley, stand up for Hassan- the way that he stood up for me all those 
times in the past and accept whatever would happen to me. Or I could run. In the end , I ran” 
Instead of Amir helping his friend out he decides to run away from a problem that literally 
gives his friendship with Amir a whole 360 flip. As the day goes on Amir acts as if nothing 
happens but their friendship sours. After the rape, Amir and Hassan spend less time 
together and Amir is very cruel to Hassan, Amir starts to feel guilt but does not want to see 
Hassan because hes feels disgusted. He feels so much disgust that he even asks his father 
if they could get new servants to avoid the conflict between the two. But his father refuses to 
do such a thing because Ali and he have been friends for a very long time. They both are 
close friends and consider each other brothers. 
Amir is still feeling guilt for what he had done, he is trying new w...

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