The Lack Of Diversified Offline Media And Its Lasting Effects - Albert Campbell/challenge And Change - Research Paper

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The Lack of Diversified Offline Media and Its Lasting Effects
Western society, as a sum, has always been a culture that is heavily concerned with its
image and the idea of perfectionism. Rather than focusing on a portrayal of realism, a variety of
resources and outlets are often used as tools to project a one-dimensional outlook on the Western
experience. Despite the fact that these constructs have been present through numerous
generations, the deep-rooted and recurring theme of idealism has become much more prominent
in the last 70 years due to paradigm monuments its various assets.
Since the 1950’s, the media has played a vital role in the field of communication to the
masses. From radio to television to film, all media types actively part take in transmitting
messages in regards to a culture’s beliefs and values to the forefront of the public. Media
representation often serves as building blocks to an understanding of the world and although this
concept may appear to be innocent, it is important to recognize that media as an entity is
non-transparent and moreover does not depict a genuine picture of true reality. This notion is
problematic as many consumers are not aware of the media’s calculated and formulaic nature
which furthermore drives them to assume that all images portrayed on screen are 100% authentic
(Kellner & Share, 2005). Therefore, in this increasingly technological age full of
multiculturalism and social difference, being media literate, which entails the ability to decode,
analyze and critically think about media and the messages it conveys is steadily becoming a
fundamental and necessary skill. Due to the general public’s unawareness and the lack of
education regarding the importance of media literary, stereotypes and misconceptions targeting
minorities are further strengthened. This can be seen through Hollywood’s faulty portrayal of
girls and women, people of colour and the LGBTQ+ community.
As with any sort of social construct, misogyny is one that stems from an ignorance and
lack of perspective that is typically brought on and internalized during early stages of life.
Although there may be multiple factors at play, childhood medias such as animated films,
televised programming and picture books are particularly involved in defining gender and gender
roles to younger audiences as the majority of the media texts presented to them are ones that hold
subtle, but heavy messages that relate to such topic matters. The Walt Disney Company and
more specifically, the Disney Princess franchise, is one of the most powerful media influencers
that shapes the views that children often hold toward gender roles and expectations. Targeted
towards girls from the ages of three to five, the Disney Princess franchise is a glorified business
that has been producing animated princess fi...

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