The Last Circus Story Written By Number 10 In Mrs P's Class Luther College Assignment

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Number 10
Ms P
English 9B
The Last Circus
“Excuse me, you handsome gentleman, would you like to watch a fantastic circus show tonight at eight for free? I promise it will be really impressive…” A clown shouted aloud and tried to hand the leaflets to the passersby on a road in the city center as usual, “And you beautiful madam as well…the boys over there…” He asked in high spirits with drops of sweat ran down along his strong nose that nearly broke his make-up. The juvenile had already stood here from that morning. It had been afternoon at that time. The sunset stretched his shadow so long. After looking around scrupulously, he continued shouting in front of the government’s posters on the wall that can be seen everywhere.
Then a man came over to him with smile. “Oh, master, how is that going? Everything goes well?” The crown asked happily.
“Absolutely, it seems like tonight’s show will be a real success.” The man said with a sigh with a cute poodle in his arms, “Well, I cordially wish that the old master can watch this in the heaven.”
“I still can’t understand what the government is thinking about! Considering animals as useless and threatening beings and slaughtering them, what’s happening in these mad politicians’ heads? They are our friends, a section of our mother nature just like us!” The clown said in rage.
“So we have nothing to do except for playing the performances and tried to make more people against it. It has been ten years since the constitution was published in 2056 and now nearly all the animals people can see in our country are holograms or robots. Though they look the same, living creatures still can’t be displaced. But all circuses have to close under the forceful law. And we are probably the last one. Anyway, who wants to see robots shooting jump cookers? It’s not early now and we must come back to prepare.” Then they went away in the flaming red sunset.
That night at eight, in a large, secret basement, the circus show was put on time. Though it’s not as spacious as in camps and is completely filled, but most of the audience really enjoyed the atmosphere. People talked lightly and curiously while waiting for the performance. Just like the circus used to be…or all of the circus should be.
The show...

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