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The Last Leaf From Quach Bach Ho

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The most precious thing in one's life is their life. People have only one. For those who thoroughly devote their life to someone is worth-praising in society. The Last Leaf of O. Henry denotes nothing but that value.By some personification figurative meaning (e.g. run crazy, broken themselves, crosses itself"¦), Henry introduces the Washington Square in New York City where Sue and Johnsy had their studio. They are good friend. But Pneumonia struck Johnsy by scores. The doctor said "she has one chance in "“let us say, ten", "And that chance is for her to want to live". The doctor confirmed he didn't believe much from the curative power ...view middle of the document...

There came the last leaf in the persistent, cold rain was falling, mingled (troän laån) with snow. And finally the miracle (ñieà u kyø dieäu) seemed exist. After the beating rain and fierce gusts (côn gioù maïnh) of wind that had endures through the night, there still stood out against the brick wall one ivy leaf. And that lead to Johnsy was out of danger.Behrman was past sixty and was a failure in art. He always talked about his coming masterpiece. That was his utmost (taän cuøng) dream. And loving the poor Johnsy stuck to the last leaf, he spent a night in such a dreadful rain to paint the last leaf for Johnsy. Because he knew for sure that the last leaf flutered (rung rinh) and moved when the wind blew. That wonderful work saved her life and in return he had died of Pneuminia in the hospital two days after. Johnsy didn't image that leaf is the masterpiece of Bahrman. The belief of everlasting of nature here saved her life. She thought then it is a sin to want to die.The belief in life is the most powerful in everybody mind. We believe this life is becoming more better and better when people sacrifice for each other, love each other than themselves. Behrman will never know that his painting in the wall is the real masterpiece of human kind. He now can smile and proudly talk with God that he did something meaningful for this life. We don't have the right to die in such stupid way util we accomplish our tasks.

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