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"The Lesson" is a story about one African-American girl's struggle with her growing awareness of class inequality. The character Miss Moore introduces the facts of social inequality to a distracted group of city kids, of whom Sylvia, the main character, is the most cynical. The conflict between Sylvia and Miss Moore, "This nappy-head bitch and her goddamn college degree" (470), represents more than everyday dislike of authority by an adolescent. Sylvia has her own perception of the way things work and does not like to have that invaded. Sylvia knows in the back of her mind she is poor, but it does not bother her until others riches are put in her face. This sparks the lesson in this st ...view middle of the document...

Our economy is too busy building jails to keep us in rather than trying to better education in the slum areas of our cities. Children grow up to know nothing except for killing, selling drugs, fighting, cursing, and all of the other negative things in "the hood". A better opportunity never came to them, a way out is not there and they feel what is there left to do. Our government always says we are equal and that we are one people, one nation, but my guess is that they have never been to the poorer areas of any city.Inequality is all around us and the more fortunate can ignore or be repulsed by the lower classes. It does not hurt them any, while mother worry about how bills are going to get paid and where their children next meal will come from. It as amazing how we pay athletes millions of dollars a year to entertain us where teachers get little to nothing educate us. Our priorities are not where they should be. The lack of knowledge being installed into our children is the problem. How can we solve it? What can we do to better our children's future?The poorer get poorer and the rich get richer is the way things work. It seems an undeniable fact for the American economy. The real wages of the working class and middle class have been falling steadily since the 1970's, while those of the upper class have risen steadily. An important solution is greater investm...


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879 words - 4 pages Literary Essay The novel “Lesson Before Dying” by Ernest J. Gaines, is a book written about a black male charged with robbery and murder even though he was falsely accused. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The defense attorney told the judge that he was a hog, Jefferson couldn’t get that out of his mind, man is compared to hog. Grant was convinced by his aunt and others to talk to Jefferson, so he can die with dignity and not

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1251 words - 6 pages Vergara 1 Vergara 2 Ramza Vergara Prof. Lopez ENC 1102 16 April 2019 Literary Analysis of “The Lesson” The issue of inequality for minorities has been of most vital importance in politics, history, and literature as well. In "The Lesson," written by Toni Cade Bambara, the concept of polarity among races is developed throughout the story using several symbols and themes. Examples include the paperweight, which represents all the things in life

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378 words - 2 pages Free ISU Journal Entry 1: A Lesson Before Dying The main theme of the novel A Lesson Before Dying revolves mainly around the issue of racism, between the black and white communities. The story takes place during the period where black people were free but were considered minority and looked down upon, therefore the tension between the two races are expected. Even though a slavery type of lifestyle, fending for the white people, is

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1147 words - 5 pages . Consider using Bloom’s Taxonomy or Webb’s Depth of Knowledge. Knowing Your Learners Describe pre-requisite skills students already know that will help them meet the lesson objective(s). What is your evidence that students need this/these skills(s)? This may include pre-assessment data; student personal, cultural or community assets you have gathered and observations you have made concerning your students. Assessment/Evaluation How will students

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861 words - 4 pages SKILL OR ACTIVITY LESSON PLAN Name of Lesson: Tennis Lesson Concept: To learn and master the skills of tennis to transfer knowledge into a game. Grade Level: 10th P.A.S.S. Objectives addressed in the class: Put the number of the P.A.S.S skill under the standard in which it is included. Standard 1 Standard 2 Standard 3 Standard 4 1, 2, 3, 4 2, 5 1 2 Standard 5 Standard 6 Standard 7 1, 2, 3, 5 1, 3 1, 2, 4 Lesson Content: Warm-up

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3977 words - 16 pages -PRE-ACADEMICS: Social Foundations (Social Emotional): “Share his feelings through talking and pretend play.” (Maryland’s Guide to Early Childhood Pedagogy, appendix page 135) Small Group Lesson Plan #1 Title​​: Color Sorting Developmental Domain​​: Mathematics Grouping:​​ Small group of three to four 2-year-olds Objectives​​: ● Students will predict which bucket the cars go into based on the color of the car ● Students will identify how many

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4167 words - 17 pages Here is a list of the activities to complete for this lesson. You may print it out and use it as a checklist, crossing off each item as you complete it, from top to bottom. · What This Lesson Will Do for You · Lecture · Essay: Argumentation-Persuasion: The Art of Influence · Minor Assignment · Hints for the Minor Assignment · Grading Rubric · Hint · Worry-Level Check In this lesson, you will select a controversial topic on which to write your

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1140 words - 5 pages Curriculum into the classroom English Examining representations of Australia’s peoples, histories and cultures Year 9 Unit 1 Lesson 1 Representations in texts — Examining representations in a song Lesson concepts Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of working such as Yarning circles will assist students when making meaning and connections in group discussions during this lesson

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799 words - 4 pages Setting in “A Lesson Before Dying” Jennie Massey ENG3U-01 November 23 2018 Setting effect’s the way the reader perceives the story. In the novel, “A Lesson Before Dying” by Ernest J. Gaines, racism is a central theme. Without the setting and the elements within the setting, the theme of racism and segregation would not be fully delivered and would be no where near as impactful. There are three main elements of setting in the novel that affect

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605 words - 3 pages Juan Jan Pieter Oroh Civics & Government May 24, 2018 Lesson 15 Review 1. What disagreements about the powers of Congress did the Framers have? How did they resolve these disagreements? Answer : The American experience with the British government had caused many of the Framers to be suspicious of a central government and executive power.The compromises about representation and slavery reduced resistance to increasing the power of the national

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761 words - 4 pages Gaut 1 Gaut 2 Devin Gaut Prof. Holly McGowan-Romero ENGL-1301-31432 September 1, 2018 Reflective Essay: My Summer Reading Lesson My great-grandmother was a very strict and stern woman. I think that was the quality that made her most loveable and respectable to me. When I was growing up, I preferred to spend my entire summer vacations in Greenville, Texas with my great-grandmother. My great-grandmother’s house is where I knew I would wake up to

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473 words - 2 pages Lesson 1: The Coming of Europe 1. Prince Henry the Navigator- In the early 15th century, Portugal rapidly grew from a weak and modest nation to pioneers in many facets of exploration. Much of this ingenuity was due to the youngest son of John I, Prince Henry the Navigator. He pushed Portuguese advancement in “ship design, map making, and systems of navigation, and gradually Portuguese exploration brought the West African coast into view” (July

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1338 words - 6 pages students from all type of schools who misbehave get sent there. Unfortunately, I was sent there for over two months and a half, but that that was not enough for me to learn my lesson. My junior year, my mentality change and I was able to mature more and attempted to move forward. I avoided conflicts and confrontation with the Grade Dean. Even began to start dating an amazing girl. I may have, skipped classes a few times with her and got No Grade

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1419 words - 6 pages 'Get up, get up you have school today,' my mother blurted out, as I fell out of bed. I stood up and waddled to the bathroom. Looking into the mirror I smiled to myself; I knew today was going to be just fine. My family and I had just moved from Guatemala, and today was to be my first day at Bel Air Elementary School. I usually don't get worried about these situations, since I've been through the routine before, besides I tend to make friends

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360 words - 2 pages Subject: History Date: 15/5/06Topic: Susan Rees: A Pit GirlNo. of pupils: 10Duration: 50 minutes Age: 6/7Learning Outcomes- Diary style writing- sequence a story in History- listen carefully to a story- learn aspects of a book (author, illustrator)National Curriculum References1.1 - sequence events1.2 - use common phrases relating to passing of time ....days of the week2.1 - pupils should be taught about the past through stories from different