The Letter To Jing Mei In "Two Kinds" Mission College English 1 B Essay

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Dear Jing-Mei,
In the story you narrated, “Two Kinds”, I can hear your inner voice from page 494 of the 12th edition of the Introduction to Literature “I won’t let her change me.” As a mother who also came from China and has a 7-year-old daughter, when I read your story, knowing that your mother first tried to make you be a Chinese Shirley Temple, then gave you tests every night, and finally forced you to learn the piano, I urgently want to write a letter to you. I noticed the strong theme emerge of “Geniuses are made, not born.” This theme was best illustrated by the literary aspects of: catharsis, sharp rising action, and climax. I am sorry for your mother's behavior and proud of your brave decision to rebel against your mom; at the same time, I will encourage you to find your own genius by using the literary aspects of realism and figurative language.
In my opinion, it’s important that children listen to what their parents say, but “listen to” shouldn’t be read as “do what they’re told.” If parents want children to listen, parents need to say things the child sees as worth listening to. I think your mom is using the wrong style to raise her child which makes you feel terrible. I could understand that your mom gave up all she had in China in pursuit of the American dream — you could be anything you wanted to be in America; however, pinning all her hopes on you is totally another story. As a teenager, you should not carry the dreams of others. Additionally, I know comparison is a common approach to ascertain the performance of children; your mom certainly does not aim to hurt you, but unknowingly these verbal statements, such as “Because you not trying,” (Tan 494) do more harm than good. I can imagine your resentment when your mom compares you to Auntie Lindo’s daughter or children on TV and magazines; furthermore, it’s understandable to excite the child’s ambitions, but it’s a big mistake to make you fill with a sense that you could become “instantly famous.” (Tan 492) This desire for quick success makes you unable to accept your own ordinariness. As can be seen, you’ve been pushed too far, so in the story you reveal your feelings by the literary aspect of catharsis; in a word, I support your decision — not being an obedient daughter.
It’s challenging to wake up to the reality that you are willing to disobey your mom....

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