The Life Of A Legend - Bill Gates - Speech And Debate - Essay

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Bill Gates
Akshar Sharma
Bill Gates. A lot of you have probably heard this name.
Business magnate. Investor. Author. Philanthropist. Humanitarian.
So many different things and one man. Bill Gates is also very
famous for being the cofounder of Microsoft Corporation, one
of the most famous electronics company in the world. Currently,
Bill Gates works a lot with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Today I will talk about Bill Gates’ early life, his middle-age life,
and his charities.
William Henry Gates III was born in Seattle, Washington, on
October 28, 1955. To avoid confusion, William’s family called
him Trey. Now, Trey is known as Bill Gates. His parents were
always encouraging him to be competitive and ask questions.
Bill Gates was a shy child, but excelled academically. Gates was
also a challenging kid. Did you know that Gates was sent to a
counselor to help him stop arguing with his parents? In seventh
grade, Gates used his first computer, a teletype terminal. Gates
was fascinated by the computer and spent most of his leisure hours
working with it. Gates and his good friend, Paul Allen, programmed
their first software in 1972 with the Intel computer chip. Paul Allen
was also one of the cofounders of Microsoft. Their goal was to
create a program which counted the number of cars that drove
down a street. They called this Traf-O-Data. In 1973, Gates
enrolled in Harvard University. Just for fun, Gates wouldn’t study
for his finals and see how high of a score he could get.
In 1975, after five weeks of intense work, Gates & Allen founded
Microsoft. To focus on his company, Bill Gates decided to drop
out of college. Gates & Allen moved to New Mexico with their
new business. Gates had just one goal in mind: “A computer on
every desk in every home.” Microsoft became very popular and
most computers had Microsoft programs preinstalled. Later in
1979, Microsoft move to Seattle, Washington, Gates’ hometown.
In 1983, Gates released the first mouse for Microsoft computers.
Around the same time, Steve Jobs, CEO of App...

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