The Life Of A Struggling Teen And Her Boyfriend Class Assignment Narrative

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Alexandra Shannon
Composition 1
“The One”
Who would have known one night would change my life forever? It is crazy how one person will bring out the best and worst in you. In the worst times of my life I showed myself who I was and aspire to be. This is the story of how I became a better me.
Bringing you back in time to 2016, it was the first weekend night I had off work from Cold Stone Creamery in over a month. One of my friends Serrano was throwing a party at the abandoned house next to his. If you knew him, you would’ve known he threw the best parties in high school. I was fortunate not to have to rush straight to the event as I usually would. This meant I could take my time getting ready. I was going above and beyond, curling my hair, and I even took an hour to do my makeup.
When I finally arrived at the party, it was overfilled with cars. Immediately after walking up to the house I saw him. It was as if I was knocked off my feet, he had thick curly hair with light brown eyes that I swear looked straight into my soul. I knew at that very moment, I had to know who he was. After looking around him, I saw he was talking to Serrano’s friend Alex. We all went to high school together, so I had a reason to walk over to them. As I approached he, yes, he looked at me and said, “Hi my name is Dontae.” I stuttered as I tried to collect my words to say hi back, but before I could Alex said, “this is my cousin, he just got out of juvenile detention center.” Red flag number one, you would think I would’ve heard that and said he’s not the one for me. However, I was smitten and couldn’t possibly think of anything else. As I was trying to stay around him, blowing off my friends, while trying not to be awkward about it. We went up to a room in the house and went out the window onto the roof. There we sat and talked all night till the sun came up.
After that night, I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world meeting someone as great as Dontae. I was getting ready to go home, and noticed he didn’t have a ride, so I asked if he needed one. Turns out we lived on ten minutes away. As I pulled into his driveway he asked me for my phone number; my heart was pounding a million beats per minute as I gave it to him. Later that night, after we both woke up from a nap we began texting. As Monday rolled around, after I got out of school I went to see him. Being that he had just gotten out of the detention center he didn’t go to school, he didn’t work and to make matters worse he was still doing the things that got him in trouble. Dontae was a bad boy and I was intrigued. If you didn’t think that was red flag number two, well this makes matters worse. The next few weeks while we were dating I paid for everything, drove him everywhere, and even snuck him into my house at night. I was every...

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