The Life Of A Wise Farmer That Got Away English 11 Essay

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Christian Agape B. Bayno
Mr. Ramiro
Period 3
Historical Narrative
A Paradise Farm
I first lived in California with my mother because she was working there in a factory. When I knew that my father was sick, I decided to go to Panhandle, Oklahoma. It was 1928 when I first started farming. It was my father’s farm and he gave it to me after he died. When I first saw the farm, it was like a paradise. Later then I called it the Agape Farm. It was a big farm and I imagined how my father worked in this big farm alone, and I was amazed. Eight months later after my father died I met a diligent and beautiful woman, and later we became husband and wife. For me she was like a beautiful flower. She was hard working like an ant because she always helped me in the farm. I realized that life on the farm was good and peaceful. Every morning, my wife and I ate outside so that we could hear the birds tweet- tweet and to inhale fresh air. After that, went to rest for a while and then were ready to work in farm. First, we checked the cornfield to see if there were any pests like crows because they destroyed the corn. That’s why we decided to create a scarecrow to scare them away. The scarecrow was made from the frame of a cross and we put some old clothes on it. It was fun creating a scarecrow because she told jokes that always made me laugh. After we finished checking the cornfields we checked the wheat field. It was so wide you could see a lot of green small leaves that danced in the wind. Walking in a field with thousands of hectares with her was fun for us. It was like were walking in a paradise with angels that sang. After were done in all work in the fields we fed the animals, the cows laughed like a comedian after we harvested their milks and says “moo-moo.” The hens and roosters are still bouncy as ball. The sheep are still loyal and lovely they’re smooth as a pillow; my wife is really loved to hug them. I have a young horse and he still so small I am excited for him to be an adult horse for me and my wife to ride a horse, we named him Cassiel. Life on the farm was like a cycle because you need to do the work always and every day, I was bored for a time but in time I get used to it.
A year later we both decided to marry in a church because we are just civil marriage at first; my friend who’s named Adriane helped me to do a proposal for her. Adriane was my cousin and my best friend, he always helped me and I to him. He was like a brother to me because we always do something fun together. I planned a simple proposal because she asked me to propose to her that should be just normal and her family should be there. I ask Mr. Martin and Ms. Martin to marry their daughter for the second time but in the church, they happily accepted it and I told my mother about it and she was so happy for me too. Two months later I surprised her and proposed to her, she cried and shouted “yes.” In 1929, it was the day that I confessed to her how I loved her for the second...

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