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The Life Of Edward Jenner, From His Point Of View. Concordia, 6th Grade Science Essay

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I was born in the town of Berkeley, Gloucestershire of England on the 17th of May, 1749.
As I grew older, this simple interest blossomed into a thirst for medical and basic scientific study.
I was inoculated to smallpox in my preteens, pushing my medical interest even further. After
being schooled in Wotton-under-Edge and Cirencester, I became an apprentice to the wise Dr.
Daniel Ludlow. Through Ludlow, I gained the initial experience needed to be a surgeon. But
later, in 1770, I moved to London, seeking the famous John Hunter, an excellent surgeon and
As a general practitioner, I faced many illnesses and patients, and my doctoring proved
very effective against their ailments. I would always do my best to aid another. Once, I even
braved a blizzard to get to a very sick patient and nearly lost his life due to over-exposure. I also
made a very productive surgeon and saved many lives. In addition to doctoring, I still had much
interest in geology, specifically fossils. Despite my huge medical career, made a dynamic find in
uncovering the remains of a Plesiosaur, a prehistoric dinosaur. My thoughts of geology
expanded more and more until my main interests were doctoring and geology. My
extra-curricular thoughts were always an inspiration to others,​ ​triggering​ many geological and
fossil-related finds and discoveries. My greatest achievement is that of the vaccination of
smallpox and the later eradication of the disease itself.
Smallpox is a disease​ ​triggered​ ​by the viral strain variola. It enters the body through the
lungs and is carried in the blood to the internal organs, which the virus periodically infects. Later
in the sequence, the virus spreads to the skin, which breaks out in a hideous rash. It is
characterized by several symptoms: fever, headache, backache, and...

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