The Light In The Forest Paper

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The Light in the ForestThe Light in the Forest by Conrad Richter is a story of a white boy raised by an Indian tribe during the 1700's. The boy, kidnaped and adopted at a young age, was brought up as True Son. When True Son, now fifteen, is forced back to his white family by a treaty, he has already developed a hatred toward them. True Son's search for identity will lead to his defiance of his new family and end tragically with abandonment from his Indian father. This novel is based upon the aspect of Romanticism in order to show the conflicts between the Indians and the inferior white society during this time period. Romanticism is a concept used by authors which ". . . emphasizes ...view middle of the document...

"When the time grows near to the camp for the night, they keep their eyes half closed. They don't look for a high and dry place but set themselves down in any wet and dirty place, just so it's under some big trees. They don't even look which way the wind blows before they make their campfire. When the smoke blows on them, they try to hit it with their hands and caps like mosquitos." Not only are the white people inferior to the Indians in the woods, but that the Indians notice their "foolishness" even though the whites don't. Half Arrow is going along with True Son, escorting him to his new white home. While on their way, they make observations about the whites like that " "˜they all talk at once like waterfowl,' Half Arrow declared. "˜How can they understand what is being said? Why don't their elders teach them to keep silent and listen till the speaker's done.' " The bad behavior of the whites isn't just directed toward the Indians, but there own people, who are arrogant themselves. When True Son is reunited with his white family, he is being introduced to them. But his Indian appearance doesn't appeal to his white Uncle Wilse who says, " "˜Well, once an Indian, always an Indian. You can make an Indian out of a white man but you can never make a white man out of an Indian.' " What Uncle Wilse says is not only arrogant and a reflection of what the whites think, but the other meaning is that people would rather be Indian than white. True Son is in a conversation with his new white relatives when they being to insult each other's background, when True Son says that the " "˜Indian only swear like he hears from the white man,' the boy said. "˜My father says when he is a boy he hears white man say God damn. God damn when it rain and God damn if powder don't go off. So my father says God damn too.' " The Indians learn bad behavior through the white people, making the Indians better than the evil ways of the whites. True Son with his white family, is disputing who is the better society when True Son says " "˜My father told me why white people give rum to the Indian,' the boy answered. "˜Get Indian drunk. Buy his furs cheap. Afterward Indian get sober. Has no money, no furs, no nothing.' " The ways the whites use to take advantage of the Indians is wrong and makes them the weaker of the two cultures because they have to resort to such tactics. After being with the white society long enough, True Son is finally changing into what the whites want him to be when Bejance, a black slave, says to True Son, " "˜They got the harness on you, Injun boy,' he said. "˜The straps is buckled and the single-tree lugged.' " Being integrated into the ways of the whites is slowly making True Son a slave, like Bejance. And since the ways of the whites is much like a slave's life, the white society is thus inferior to the Indians. True Son's white family is getting angry at him for j...


The Portrayal Of War In Dulce Et Decorum Est & Charge Of The Light Brigade

2372 words - 10 pages Tennyson's Charge f The Light Brigade and Owen's Dulce Et Decorum Est both explore warfare. However they each have significant differences. Charge Of The Light Brigade was written in the 18th Century and is about the Crimean War. It explains, in a very majestic manner, that fighting in a war is something every soldier should be extremely proud of. Sacrifices have to be made and bravery is an absolute necessity. Tennyson ignores the darkness and

The effect of wildfire on the forest Ecosystem - Irouis Ridge High / Science - Lab Report

748 words - 3 pages ………………………………………………………………………………………………….... 5  C​onclusion………………………………………………………………………………………………. 5  R​eferences……………………………………………………………………………………………….6  2  INTRODUCTION  A forest ecosystem is defined as an area dominated by trees and other woody plants.  Forests aren't only trees, however. Healthy forests have a lot going on in them. There are  many different types of forests in the world, ranging from tropical rain forests to the  dense subpolar taiga

"The National Parks Under Siege" - New York Times Editorial: Consider the editorial in light of federalism and the concept that the National Parks are held in trust for the people of the United States

404 words - 2 pages I don't believe the federal government makes the best trustee for the park system because they don't have the best interests in mind. They want to revise a policy to satisfy the enjoyment and commercial needs for a hand full of people. For years, the majority of visitors and the park service employees has been happy with the basic management policies of the parks and has seen no reason to revise anything. Then people like Paul Hoffman come

Analyse the artist's use of materials and his intentions in artmaking. In your response make reference to Pieter Breugel's Parable of the Blind and Yasumasa Morimura's Blinded by the Light

554 words - 3 pages Yasumasa Morimura's Blinded by the Light is a clear appropriation of Pieter Breugel's Parable of the Blind. In close reference to the materials, techniques and art elements employed by both artists, we are able to understand how they communicate their ideas, feelings and effects in their artworks.Painted in 1568, Parable of the Blind is a religious painting where Breugel portrays "a single moment but implies a whole sequence of events." In the

Darkness And Light In Heat Of Darkness Compare Kurtz's African Woman To "His Intended" And Show How This Contrast Highlights The Central Theme Of The Novel: Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

979 words - 4 pages Free In Joseph Conrad's novella, Heart of Darkness, Marlow - who is both the protagonist, whose actions make up the main plot of the novel, and the narrator, whose thoughts and attitudes shape the reader's perception of the story - has a revelation about human nature. Initially, he associates things such as civilisation, knowledge, and good in terms of light - as it appears; and lack of civilisation, savagery, and evil in terms of darkness - an

Should Health Insurance be provided to all people and run by the government? - Forest Hills High School - research paper

2464 words - 10 pages country. Rather than having a single payer national health insurance system, majority of U.S healthcare is funded and provided by private sector businesses. Even though both sides of the aisle believe reform is necessary, Liberals and Conservatives have constantly argued about how it should be financed and who should be in charge of it. Democrats have supported a more centralized system that is controlled and funded by the government and believe

What is the effect of different colours of light on plant growth? - year 10 science - experiment report

1352 words - 6 pages light and carbon dioxide as an energy in their life cycle, certain colour of light have certain impact to the growth rate i.e. some could increase the growth rate of the crop. Light has a measurable impact on the amount of energy plants absorb. The reason for this is the colour in the light have different wavelengths and those wavelengths provide different levels of energy (Sensing, 2017). The longer the wavelength, the slower the speed of the

The Catcher In The Rye

614 words - 3 pages In "The Catcher in the Rye" the main character, Holden, is an anxious teenager except, unlike most teenagers, he isn't urging to cross that line into adulthood. He doesn't want to leave that stretch of time where one only worried about rolling in the grass. He perceives adults as superficial hypnotists who are tainted unlike the children he admires. Throughout the novel he journeys towards the growth into maturity, being the ability to

Sports In The Renaissance

808 words - 4 pages The Renaissance was a rebirth of Greek and Roman times. The Renaissance period was mixture of Greek and Roman ideas. The renaissance started in Italy, since it was the center of the Roman Empire. The Renaissance was a time of creativity and change in many different areas. As the Renaissance ideas grew and became popular, it soon spread over most of Europe. The Renaissance started in 1350, and ended in 1650. The topic I chose was sports. Sports

Poverty In The US

476 words - 2 pages Poverty is one of America's most persistent and serious problems. The United States produces more per capita than any other industrialized country, and in recent years has devoted more than $500 billion per year, or about 12 percent of its gross national product, to public assistance and social insurance programs like Social Security, Medicare, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, food stamps, and Medicaid. Despite our wealth and these

Trading in the U.S

276 words - 2 pages US Trade.Is it truly necessary for the United States to sell internationally just because there is a demand for it? The United States is a major player in international tobacco trade. It is the largest importer of tobacco leaf and the largest exporter of cigarettes. Until the late 1990's, the United States was also the largest exporter of tobacco leaf. In recent years, the United States has ranked second behind Brazil in tobacco leaf exports. In

Ethics In The Workplace

469 words - 2 pages Department with these traits because it helps insure to them that their rights are protected and they are being treated fairly, reserving biases and favoritism. By upholding a solid work ethic I assure my own accountability as a public servant who holds the ability to affect many lives so significantly.By affirming accountability in my coworkers and myself the Department is perceived as having high integrity which transfers into pride for our job

Safety in the Workplace

606 words - 3 pages Introduction The focus of this paper is safety in the workplace. Accidents cost time and money. A serious accident can financially ruin a business. Liabilities for penalties have potential to destroy a business's cash flow (, 2006). The Department of Labor (DOL) has organized three agencies to handle laws designed to secure the safety and health of workers in America. According to (, 2006) "The

Women In The Workforce

493 words - 2 pages Free The Australian workforce is defined as those people aged 15 years and over engaged in full-time or part-time employment and those officially recognized as being unemployed. Often the 'hidden unemployed' may not be included in such a definition. The hidden unemployed are the people who would work if there was a job available but for some reason, such as, disillusionment or discouragement, are not actively looking for employment. This usually

The Characters In "Crucible"

556 words - 3 pages Many authors take advantage of their outstanding writing abilities to convey their personal beliefs to the world. Arthur Miller is a prime example of a crafty playwright who divulges hidden messages through drama. There are many similarities between the personalities of the characters in The Crucible and the personality of Arthur Miller. John Proctor, the protagonist of The Crucible, is comparable to Arthur Miller because he, too, was put into