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PORTLAND OR 97220-3833
BILLING DATE: Dec 31, 2018
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 03784350-001 0
DUE DATE: Jan 17, 2019
AMOUNT DUE: $170.29
Write account number on check & mail to: Pacific Power, PO Box 26000, Portland, OR 97256-0001
Late Payment Charge for Oregon
A late payment charge of 2.0% may be
charged on any balance not paid in full each
Change of Mailing Address or Phone?
Check here & provide information on back.
Account Number: 03784350-001 0
Date Due: Jan 17, 2019
AMOUNT DUE: $170.29
Please enter the amount enclosed.
PORTLAND OR 97220-3833
H 03784350 001 013 000017029
Questions: Call
24 hours a day,
7 days a week
PO BOX 400
PO BOX 26000
PORTLAND OR 97256-0001
Your Balance With Us
Previous Account Balance 123.43
Payments/Credits -123.43
New Charges +170.29
Current Account Balance $170.29
Payments Received
Dec 19, 2018 Payment Received - Thank You 123.43
Total Payments $123.43
Detailed Account Activity
ITEM 2 - ELECTRIC SERVICE 10325 NE Hancock St Apt 3 Portland OR
Residential Schedule 4
From To
Previous Current
40299809 Nov 29, 2018 Dec 29, 2018 30 87815 89268 1.0 1,453 kwh
Next scheduled read date: 01-28. Date may vary due to scheduling or weather.
Basic Charge - Single Phase 9.50
Delivery Charge 1,453 kwh 0.0443300 64.41
Supply Energy Charge Block 1 986 kwh 0.0561400 55.35
Supply Energy Charge Block 2 467 kwh 0.0765100 35.73
Public Purpose 0.0300000 4.95
Energy Conservation Charge 1,453 kwh 0.0034600 5.03
Low Income Assistance 0.69
J C Boyle Dam Removal 1,453 kwh 0.0003600 0.52
Copco & Iron Gate Dams Removal 1,453 kwh 0.0011400 1.66
B P A Colum...

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