The Little Prince: Analysis The Story From A Roggerian Perspective. Existencialism Research Paper

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The Little Prince Report
In the little prince things are simple, life is simplified, dialogues are naive, sincere. There are no second interpretations, if he says that it is a boa, that is what it is. In Rogeriana therapy a very important aspect is to be genuine, authentic, and completely immersed in the present moment. There are no interpretations, the therapist becomes one with the client and accompanies him in the process, without judging him, without prejudging him.
In the little prince, the journey through the planets is a journey of personal search, a discovery of oneself. With each experience the little prince learns something more of himself. In Personal Therapy by Carl Rogers, sessions are personal searches. The client becomes aware of their thoughts and behaviors; with the help of the therapist finds a way to correct them and make them positive for their lives.
The little prince is a dreamer, he likes to play with the imagination creating surreal worlds, characters, and situations. Creativity and fun are basic to be able to have an open and innovative mind. Creative people come out in search of new experiences, ask the right questions, observe what surrounds them and deter from their own convictions. Adult book characters have lost their simplicity, they do not know how to have fun, they are serious and bored. They like to feel contained in their comfort zones and nothing shakes their usual order. It is difficult to appreciate beauty and feel happiness if you are caught in a scheme of rules and regulations. An environment where the most important thing is to show the appearance, the facade, t...


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