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The Lost World Essay

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English 103October 1, 14In the book "The Lost World" by Arthur Conan Doyle, four men endeavor on a dangerous journey to a land that is not known to man to see if dinosaurs exist. These four men were named Professor George Edward Challenger, Professor Summerlee, Lord John Roxton, and Edward Malone. When the four men reach the plateau, they start to witness dinosaurs and other exotic creatures. The portrayal of these creatures is realistic in the sense of the behavior of these creatures, the physical appearance, and the location in which these creatures are found.The four men had decided to explore and discovered pterodactyls. As they were observing the pterodactyls, Professor Challenger ...view middle of the document...

This is what would be expected when animals feel they are under attack. The women and children hide while the men take care of the problem. Another example of the exotic animals in The Lost World behaving realistically was when Edward Malone went to explore on his own. While he was walking, Malone noticed something was following him. In the real world, when an animal, such as a lion stalks its prey, it will be very quiet and strike at the most opportune time to catch its prey. That was exactly how the dinosaur was stalking Malone:Then from out of the silence, imminent and threatening, there came once more that low throaty croaking, far louder and closer than before. There could no longer be a doubt. Something was on my trail, and was closing in upon me every minute (129).The creature was following Malone the same way that a lion would have followed its prey.Many creatures were portrayed in The Lost World, these creatures ranged from the size of small armadillo's to the size of large mammoths. Arthur Conan Doyle does a respectable job physically describing these creatures. When Malone first meets Professor Challenger, Challenger goes through the evidence he has of the creatures that exist in The Lost World and displays Malone the picture and the wing of the pterodactyl, which Malone describes as " A monstrous bat"(33). Another creature that was explained was the stegosaurus that was drawn in a book that Challenger had found on his first trip to the plateau. The stegosaurus, according to Challenger's book had "The head like that of a fowl, the body that of a bloated lizard" (29). Malone had also seen the stegosaurus when he went on his trip. Malone had described the stegosaurus as an animal that had an "ungainly...

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