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The Marketing Mix For Sony Dvd Players

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The marketing mix is the way that the four parts of a companys marketing policy are combined in order to achieve its objectives. It is also known as the 4 Ps. These are product, price, place and promotion. The way they are combined depends on the type of product and the nature of the competitors. The marketing mix of its competitors will also affect it too.ProductProduct is about how the product has changed and how it will change over time in the future. Sony DVD players have changed a lot since they first were made. They started off as very basic DVD players with not that many features on. Then they got things like JPEG still shots, multi-disc resume for 40 discs and they come in different ...view middle of the document...

Sony have a large product mix of DVD players. This is so there will be a DVD player to fit peoples needs because some people may not be able to afford to buy an expensive one and may prefer a more basic model or rich people might want to get a top of the range one.In my external analysis I found that technology is changing and that as videos are phased out and DVDs are becoming more popular it mean that the DVD player is going to have to change. They are going to have to lower the price so that more people can afford them and also make the DVD recorders cheaper otherwise people won't be able to buy them.PlacePlace is about where the best place is to put stuff. Sony have DVD players in lots of shops. They sell them in electrical shops like Currys and Dixons but they also sell them in Argos and catalogues. This is so they reach as wide a range of people as possible.Sony have a short channel of distribution. They go straight from the producer to an intermediary to the customer. The shops will buy direct from Sony and then the customers will buy it from them.The internet is fast becoming a popular place to buy from. There is £23 billion pounds of sales done over the internet each year worldwide and £500 million in this is a good place to sell from. Sony sell through their website so people looking there can buy something if they see it and want it. They have a very detailed website with lots of information about their products and people looking at the website are able to buy straight away instead of having to go out to a shop to get the DVD player. This will also increase sales because if people had to go into a shop to buy they might see another DVD player they like the look of more and buy that, but if they have got it on the website they will buy it straight away and not have the chance to change their mind. By selling over the internet it means that Sony will get bigger profits as they will not have to give some to the shops that sell them normally but there will be high starting costs to set up selling online. It will also mean that the customer can buy from their homes and 24 hours a day which makes it easier for them.When the company is deciding which shops they should sell their products from they will need to think about lots of different things. They might sell their product through different places at different stages at the product life cycle. At the start of DVD players when they were new out and not many people had them Sony might have just sold them in big electrical stores but now they are more common and lots of people have them they are sold in all sorts of places.In my PEST analysis I found that there were lots of young professional people that would buy DVD players and there are also a lot more older people over 50 than there used to be. If Sony sells their DVD players in lots of different places rather than just in electrical shops then they will reach a wider range of people and young people who have lots...

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