The Mayflower Theater Southampton Solent Essay

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Giedre Irtmonaite
Organisations and Resource Management
Mary White
Page 2: Introduction and background of the Mayflower theatre
Page 3: Sector Mayflower operates in
Page 4: PESTLE and SWOT analysis
Page 5: organisational structure of Mayflower
Page 6: How Mayflower keeps the workforce motivated, engaged and skilled
Page 7: Referencing
Page 8 -11: Appendices
The Mayflower Theatre Southampton
In this report I’ll research the Mayflower Theatre as well as the council of Southampton; I’ll also explain the Mayflower’s current position and the environment it is working in, the structure of the organisation, who has the responsibility for people resourcing in the theatre and explain how Mayflower achieves its strategic aim of developing an engaged, skilled and motivated workforce .The theatre was built in 1928 by T.R Milburn as Empire Theatre which included live acts as well as a cinema for the people of Southampton. In 1950’s the theatre became The Gaumont providing their customers with amazing musicals and performances from artists such as The Beatles and The Rolling stone, this made the theatre more appealing to the public as according to the Mayflower Theatre Heritage publication ‘’Almost every hit band and singer of the sixties and seventies appeared on the Gaumont stage’’ (Mayflower, 2013) Making their customers come back and enjoy another famous act. The theatre operated as the Gaumont until 1984 when Rank Organisations took over with intentions of turning it into a bingo hall, in his talk the CEO of the Mayflower Theatre Michael Ockwell continued to talk about the background of the organisation mentioning that there was a massive public outcry leading to a petition with over 100,000 signatures to stop Rank Organisations turning the theatre into a bingo hall, as a result the Southampton City Council bought the theatre making it a charitable trust. On February 24th, 1987 the theatre was re-opened as The Mayflower making it Grade II listed theatre, however its purpose stayed the same to offer entertainment for the community. As well as providing Southampton with musicals and shows, the theatre has a bunch of other activities which allow the community to get engaged and expand their knowledge on the theatre and its activities such as workshops which provide information on production from the creative team and the performers. The customers also have an opportunity to attend paid sessions in which they can join the musical theatre professionals in developing their acting and singing skills.
The Mayflower Theatre Trust is a charitable organisation which works in the leisure sector as their purpose is to provide entertainment to their customers, the company has a 125 year lease from the Southampton City Council; however they have independent control. Meanwhile the Southampton City Council operates in the public sector in order to provide the essential service and help to the community of Southampton. The main difference betw...


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