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Art and creativeness in this book is very evident. As we see with Kira, her mother Katrina, Thomas the carver, Jo the singer, and Annabella who taught Katrina, and is teaching Kira. We are told that Kira’s mother was a great dyer, and weaver until her expected death in the beginning of the book. This left Kira alone, and frightened. Kira had to wait 2 days for Katrina’s spirit to Leave her body. Of course, Kira got some of her mother’s skill whilst doing this. Later in the Novel, we are introduced to the color “ Yonder. “ Or as it is later referred to as, blue. Annabella has told KIra of this fine, and cool color. Kira, of course, is intrigued by this, but she does not want to search for it. Then, we have Thomas the Carver. Thomas’ job is too carve the things singer will need. This is things like The flute, and the staff of the singer. The singer’s job may seem like a easy one, but it is rather difficult. Of course it is to sing, and perform in front of the entire village. She is to sing the rise, and fall of humanity. They all have very creative, and cool jobs. But the most important job is that ofsd Kiras. Why? Because, she is to Weave the future. This, gives her a lot of power. Maybe even more than that of the Guardians? We aren’t given a direct answer but the conclusion is yes. Tell me what do you think, does this show itself in today’s society? My hypothesis is no. Sure, we might have some very talented, and gifted artist, but they do not control us, we don’t control them. Is that a good thing? We ought to think so. Self interest and compassion are 2 very different things, but both are found in this book. It’s surreal. But, let’s talk about the first one, Self-interest. Is it really shown in this book? Well, as we see Vandara, in the first chapter is sorta, and sorta not. Let me explain. She wants a playpen for the tykes,( The books word for young Children). That is good, but then she has to kick Kira out of her land. So, it’s a 50/50 for her. But let’s talk about a new character, a young,dirty,and energetic one. The young boy named Matt. Matt lives in the pen, this place can be compared as this communities ghetto. But that doesn’t matter with this young boy. He helps Kira with almost everything. He told Kira about Vandars’s plot to take her land from her, and after the court, help her move into the council edifice. This is very compassionate, especially considering that his people urge him to be aggressive, and only help yourself. But this almost has 0 effort on him, why? Because Kira. She encourages him to be kind and help people. Is this because romance? We aren’t told all like that. But, he even went further with it. He found Kira’s father, who supposedly was murdered by a beast. But this serves to be false as of now. He even got the blue in which Kira has been dying for. So, now is time to apply this to the real word. We can conclude that yes, there are some people who are out for their own personal gain. Such as Hilliary...

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