The Middle East It Talks About How People View The Middle East Without Knowing Anything. Lansing Community College English 121 Essay

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Has someone ever asked you where are from? What culture do you belong to? They always ask
me these questions. When I tell them I'm from the middle east, they will start to act in a strange
way I know what they will think about because when you belong to a particular group, you are
part of the group, tradition, and behaviors. Throughout the history, people thought of the middle
east as an war zone, and religious conflict between Shia and Sunni, oil wealth that’s true, but
there's much more life in this area.
The middle east is a war zone what made it a war zone are the people part of belonging to the
Arab culture is to keep quiet not to have the right to speak up people stayed quiet for a long time
until 17 December 2010 it's all started in Tunisia with the Tunisian revolution. Tunisian
revolution effect spread vigorously to other five countries. Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and Syria.
Where people began to protest for changes like dictatorship leaders, human rights violations,
unemployment, and poverty. Some leaders were Isolated, and many got killed. Yes, they got
what they wanted, but it didn't improve anything, it got worst then before. It has been six years
since Syria crisis started. Many people got killed during these six years. People still fighting to
isolate the president but nothing is happening and more people dying. After all these revolutions
the middle east had changed a lot. There was no peace anymore until this day. All the things that
happened are because of the cultural beliefs where they were thought to keep quiet.
Religion conflict between Shia and Sunni is an essential part of the middle eastern culture. The
division goes back to a schism following the death of the prophet Mohammed. Not all middle
east countries have Shia and Sunni, some of them are just Sunni. The reason behind the division
because, some believed a new leader should be chosen by consensus, and some thought that only
the prophet descendants should become caliph. The title passed to Abu Bakr while some thought
it should have gone to the prophet cosine. That's how this conflict began. Many things happened
because of this conflict many Sunni were killed because they were Sunni. Being a part of the
middle east means that you are either on the Sunni side or Shia side. When you ask a middle
eastern person what the difference...

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