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A Detailed Analysis of the Disruptive Footprint Left Upon The Indigenous Peoples of New France by Early Missionaries
Gabrielle E. Guderyan
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Professor Patrick Cabel : HIST261
Canadian History Since The 1500s
December 6th, 2017
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From the beginning of the arrival of newcomers to the New World, men of all trades created monumental opportunities to educate themselves on the customs and resources of the Indigenous people of the New World. Although the goals differed from group to group, the ambition of all explorers was for successful economic gain with the goal to discover, claim, and foreign countries of their bountiful resources. However, economic gain was not the only ambition into the Americas, others for example, had goals of cultural and spiritual assimilation. France followed the interest of the North America’s after other leading Christian powers had sent successful missions such as those of John Cabot and later Jacques Cartier on earlier voyages of the discovery of New France. It wasn’t until Samuel Champlain in 1603 sailed up the St. Lawrence river and agreed to support the Algonkian Indians against the aggression of the Iroquois that would change and determine the fate of New France.[footnoteRef:1] The start of colonialism began with the bringing of missionaries by the Jesuit’s in Port Royal on May 22, 1611.[footnoteRef:2] From then on, many other denominations continued to arrive in New France with the purpose of conversion and evangelism through assimilation and in some cases annihilation. The mission the missionaries had in mind was to convert the Aboriginal people to Christ through the ways and practices of Christianity. Their missionary strategy was a set plan of establishing permanent mission stations, to which Indian converts could be attracted both by the consolations of religion and the protection of French power, and where they could be taught the elements of European civilization[footnoteRef:3]. Also through observance of the musical activity among the Aboriginal people, the Jesuit missionaries began their conversion process through music and dance. The Jesuits remained and colonized the great lakes and eastern woodlands region, where their arrival was a source of much controversy among the Indigenous people. Many Aboriginals accepted the beliefs the Jesuit’s imposed because of the opportunities they were exposed to by conversion, however many see the missionaries as an unwelcomed force of tyranny. The intrusion of the missionaries to the Indigenous population altered the dynamics of the Aboriginal peoples in ways that were harmful to many different aspects of life. Despite resistance by the Indigenous communities to be converted, the Jesuit people relentlessly sought to assimilate the people to fulfill their missionary strategy.[footnoteRef:4] The arrival of missionaries among the indigenous people...


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