The Monkeyś Paw And The Third Wish - Essay, Huntington Middle School, English L.A. - Essay

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​“The Monkey’s Paw” And ”The Third Wish” 
​ ​ ​ Some people want wishes but not everyone can be granted wishes. “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W.Jacobs is about 
a man and his family was granted three wishes. The three wishes the family was granted ruins their lives and family 
because the wishes make the family go crazy, make them turn against each other. The wishes was a huge affect on the 
family because the wishes don’t go as they family had planned for them to go. Everyone think’s wishes are so great and 
amazing but are they really. Wishes aren’t amazing and there aren’t great because wishes can’t make your life better. 
They can’t solve your life problems. Some people enjoys being alone, but not everyone enjoys being alone. “The Third 
Wish” is about a man that has been alone basically his whole life. But there is a twist in the man’s life definitely changes. 
He was granted three wishes. Instead of the man’s life being ruined by the wishes his life changes because the man of 
this story learned a valuable lesson about kindness to others. Kindness doesn’t depend on wishes to realize you to have to 
be kind to other people. You can’t depend on wishes to fix your problems that you have going on in your life. 
“Sometimes you make choices and choices make you”. (unknow) 
The wishes the family was granted ruined their lives because the husband and father of the family doesn’t pay 
attention to his family. The night Herbet died his mom wanted to use their second wish to make Herbert come back 
alive. “Wish she cried in a strong voice, wish repeated his wife, he raised his hand, I wish my son back alive”. 
(W.W.Jacobs 96) Although Mr.White was the one to make the wish he doesn’t mean it because when Herbert got to the 
door Mr. White thought his son was a zombie. So Mr.White searched around the floor for the monkey’s paw and when 
finally found it “he breathed his last wish “. (W.W.Jacobs 98) Just like that his his son was gone, gone for good. 
Mrs.White was disappointed in her husband because she couldn’t believe that he could do something so cruel and mean. 
The man in the story of “The Third Wish” used his wishes a lot differently from the man in “The Monkey’s Paw” because 
Mr.Peters is a lot more kind than Mr.White took advantage of his wishes he did not think about anyone else. Mr.Peters 
however did not take advantage of his wishes he used them wisely, he did not think about himself, he thought of other 
people than himself. 
Even though the White’s family didn’t actually get what they wanted out of the wishes they still love each other 
because family is family. Although Mr.White did a terrible thing he can be forgiven even if it takes Mrs.White 
days,weeks,months,years. Herbet may be gone for good but it doesn’t mean he’s not in Mr. and Mrs. White’s heart.The 
Whites will always love each other no matter what kind or how much harm they do to each other. They will never forget 
about Herbert. Mr. and Mrs.White know that Herb...

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The Monkeyś Paw And The Third Wish - Essay, Huntington Middle School, English L.A. - Essay

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