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MLB Transactions.
Julian Merryweather traded to Toronto from Cleveland.
Ryan Lillie traded to Cincinnati from Miami.
Kyle Barraclough traded to Washington from Miami.
Juan Graterol claimed off waivers by Cincinnati from Minnesota.
Adonis Giron traded to Houston from Miami.
Brayan De Paula traded to Houston from Miami.
Ryan Sherriff free agent from St. Louis signs with Tampa Bay.
Artie Lewicki claimed off waivers by Arizona from Detroit.
Kevan Smith claimed off waivers by LA Angels from Chi White Sox.
John Andreoli claimed off waivers by Seattle from Baltimore.
Michael Reed claimed off waivers by Minnesota from Milwaukee.
Patrick Kivlehan free agent from Arizona signs with Pittsburgh.
Raffy Lopez traded to Atlanta from San Diego.
Manny Banuelos traded to Chi White Sox from LA Dodgers.
Justin Yurchak traded to LA Dodgers from Chi White Sox.
Greg Garcia claimed off waivers by San Diego from St. Louis.
Oliver Drake claimed off waivers by Tampa Bay from Minnesota.
Johnny Field claimed off waivers by Chi Cubs from Minnesota.
Drew Smyly traded to Texas from Chi Cubs.
Hanser Alberto claimed off waivers by NY Yankees from Texas.
Brandon Dixon claimed off waivers by Detroit from Cincinnati.
Jose Fernandez claimed off waivers by Detroit from Toronto.
Matthew Bowman claimed off waivers by Cincinnati from St. Louis.
Austin Brice claimed off waivers by LA Angels from Cincinnati.
Chris Herrmann claimed off waivers by Houston from Seattle.
Trevor Rosenthal free agent from St. Louis signs with Washington.
Jake Smolinski free gent from Oakland signs with Tampa Bay.
Jett Bandy free agent from Milwaukee signs with Texas.
Ryan Lavarnway free agent from Pittsburgh signs with NY Yankees.
Mike Zunino traded to Tampa Bay from Seattle.
Guillermo Heredia to Tampa Bay from Seattle.
Michael Plassmeyer to Tampa Bay from Seattle.
Mallex Smith traded to Seattle from Tampa Bay.
Jake Fraley traded to Seattle from Tampa Bay.
Evan Marshall free agent from Cleveland signs with Chi White Sox.
Brock Stassi free agent from Minnesota signs with San Francisco.
Jose Cisnero free agent from Arizona signs with Detroit.
Dylan Moore free agent from Milwaukee signs with Seattle.
Austin Nola free agent from Miami signs with Seattle.
Brett Nicholls free agent from San Diego signs with Colorado.
Chance Numata free agent from NY Yankees signs with Detroit.
Angel Perdomo free agent from Toronto signs with Milwaukee.
Michael Ynoa free agent from Chi White Sox signs with Kansas City.
Abraham Almonte free agent from Kansas City signs with Arizona.
Juan Centeno free agent from Texas signs with Boston.
Ryan Merritt free agent from Cleveland signs with Tampa Bay.
Kevin Quackenbush free agent from San Diego signs with LA Dodgers.
Jordan Luplow traded to Cleveland from Pittsburgh.
Max Moroff traded to Cleveland from Pittsburgh.
Erik Gonzalez traded to Pittsburgh from Cleveland.
Tahnaj Thomas traded to Pittsburgh from Cleveland.
Dante Mendoza traded to Pittsburgh from Cleveland.
Joe Hudson free agent f...

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