The National Debt Crisis Of America Mansfield University, Composition 1 Essay

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David G. Plouse Jr.
March 30, 2017
Composition 1
Process Analysis
Debt Crisis.
A billion is a big number, a billion seconds ago its 1982, a billion minutes ago Jesus Christ was alive, a billion hours ago would be the stone age but a billion dollars ago for America only takes eight hours. Politicians tell us that it no big deal and is expected of a big and strong country to have a lot of debt but it’s not. The debt America has accumulated over the years holds back its economy and causes all sorts of problems to arise. A normal person wouldn’t keep spending money when they are in debt so why does the government? Because our national debt is one of the biggest threats Americans face today, the national government needs to find a way to cut back on what we spend and increase overall profit.
A cut and dry way of trying to lower our debt is to simply increase taxes. Higher taxes mean more money for the government but not a lot of people would agree with the idea of giving more of their money to the government. A majority of people already think they give too much money to the government as it is but that’s mainly middle class American’s. Wealthy people on the other hand don’t usually have a problem with this and the reason is that they pay the same percentage that everyone else does but their pie is much bigger which leaves them with more left-over money to play with. So, if the wealthy are left with more money that they don’t need and the middle class only has a small amount of money left to play with then what should we do. Well we should obviously tax the rich. Now if you’re thinking I have something against the rich then you’re wrong. They worked just as hard for their money as the middle-class citizens do. So, they too deserve to reap the rewards of their labor but it’s the fact that they have so much left over money to play with and taking a little more wouldn’t hurt them and would help create a better source of income for the government and since America is Chinas most
Taxing the rich isn’t Americas only option. Most of Americas debt stems from purchasing too many goods from China. America can take advantage of their compulsive buying and make it into a source of income. If America would increase taxes on imported goods coming in from China, then the nation could make money. China would have no choice but to comply because America is China’s largest purchaser of goods. Without us they would lose a lot of money. Also, by increasing taxes would make more jobs in some of the bureaucracies America has.
Bureaucracies in America are very inefficient and spend more than they need to just for the fact that if they don’t spend the money they are given by the end of the year then they get cut back on the amount of money they will receive the next year. Once a bureaucracy gets money gets cut back they find it hard to get more money even when they need it. So, bureaucracy’s will spend all the money they are given for the year just so they don’t get cut and the things they spend it on vary from bureaucracy to bureaucracy. All of it though is unnecessary spending. What can we do to cut back on the amount of unnecessary money we throw into bureaucracies to help lower our debt? One simple and effective solution the government has used a few times is paying a private company to basically do a bureaucracy’s job. How this works is the government hires one or more privately owned businesses through contracts to do the same job the bureaucracy did but at a cheaper price. They still fall under the bureaucracy they work for. Overtime if seen effective then more and more contracts will be made which will decrease the number of federal employees in that bureaucracy. Since contracts are cheaper and more efficient than federal employees it would only make since to do this. If that’s the case, then why doesn’t the government do this. Well it’s because most federal employees are in some type of union that ensures that they keep their job unless they do something horrible. Not only that but the longer you work at a place the safer you usually are. So, what does that mean. It means that it hard for the federal government to fire federal employees and replace them with contracted businesses. Unions mean well and are there to ensure that corporations don’t just fire someone for no reason but they can sometimes get in the way of progression with some of their rules. There are of course many more reasons why it’s hard to fire federal employees and it all just comes down to politics.
Politics is very complicated game of cat and mouse. Every new law that politicians try to pass even the good ones will have someone that will try to stall or kill it. Not only that but politics involves constant debates and compromise which kills a lot of bills before they become law because people can’t agree upon what they want the new law to say or do. So, it would be difficult to get the two topics I previously talked about earlier made into some type of law unless we can rally the politicians and convince their voters that this is what they need. How would the politicians and their voters be persuaded to do something about this issue? The people that believe in this will have to join or make a political party that has lowering the national debt as their main priority. Once that’s been done they should find a community where they can get supporters that would put them in a local political position. From there they need to slowly build more support and get higher political positions that will give them more say over what laws pass. This is the most important step for us to take. Even if we didn’t have any previous steps and we just had the politicians and voters convinced that we need to lower the national debt then they would eventually come up with their own three step program to lower it.
The road to a better and safer America is a hard dream to achieve but not an impossible one. It won’t all fall into place for us at once but overtime the pieces will come together if we strive for this goal. One can’t just build a house within a day. In order to have a strong and lasting house one needs to start by gathering the material and then building from foundation up.


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