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To me, this story was suspenseful. At the begging of the book, I kept thinking that Loisel was going to get everything she wanted, and everything was going to turn out just right for her and not her husband. At first, I didn't like Loisel too much because to me, it seemed that she was not happy with what she had at all. It was like, she just wanted more and more. I was really shocked when she lost the necklace. For a while, I thought that she hid the necklace somewhere and was not going to return it to her friend after the ball. Maybe not turn it in because they were not a very wealthy family to begin with. I definitely got a different view on the story from the beginning towards the end of the story. I also got a different view on Loisel. The reason why I got a different view...


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477 words - 2 pages Free         This first reading assignment included the stories: "The Story of an Hour,"The Open Window," and "The Necklace." The most obvious similarity between these stories is the ironic surprise ending. These stories all have a unique style in conveying their endings. ÒThe NecklaceÓ is most certainly the dullest. From the start we are introduced to an unsympathetic female whose worse qualities, such as materialism and over

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795 words - 4 pages The Internal and External Conflicts of Madame Loisel In the short story “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant, he shows various forms of conflict. These conflicts are man vs. self, man vs. man, and man vs. society. All throughout the story Madame Loisel is battling against something from her personal thoughts about herself. To what she thinks the people will say about her appearance. Even arguments with her husband and Madame Forestier. Madame

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871 words - 4 pages ” by Amy Tan, and “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant. Although these stories accommodate the same ideas on dreams and aspirations, they express these ideas differently. In “The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan, Jing-Mei Woo and her mother wish to reach the American dream. They believe that the American dream allows them to achieve and be anyone they desire to become. As a result, the mother is determined and has high hopes to turn her daughter into a

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503 words - 3 pages Carmona Margarita Carmona Professor Giles English 1302-005 03 July 2019 The Diamond Necklace: Pride Ruins Lives Guy de Maupassant’s short story, “The Diamond Necklace” conveys the themes of pride and deception as he prepares to unveil an ironic ending to the story. Maupassant begins by describing the characteristics of the main character, Mathilde Loisel, a woman who was ungrateful because of her social life status. "She was one of those pretty

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603 words - 3 pages Fear By: Will In Guy de Maupassat's "The Necklace," and O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi," fear motivates the main characters, and influences the events in each story. The stories convey powerful messages to us as we watch how each character copes with her fears. In the beginning of "The Necklace" Mathilde is envious of the social class and wealth of others because she has never enjoyed either position or wealth

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496 words - 2 pages Steve 2 Rachel Steve Professor Grudzinski English 102 18 September 2018 Argument Paper about The Chrysanthemums and The Necklace Reading “The Chrysanthemums” and “The Necklace” there was one story that I liked a whole lot more than the other one. Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion on just about everything in life. I’ll go ahead and share what my opinion of both “The Chrysanthemums” and “The Necklace” are. Let’s start with “The

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1695 words - 7 pages Free , was not the reason why I would go on this journey. My best friend, Tolem, was dying of a rare illness called Takigifeay. It was causing the slow built up of lactic acid on his bones. I knew that death would come to him soon. Legend spoke about a necklace that can bring life to anyone or thing. It was said to have been belonged to an Oceanian, one of the water people. The Lost Jade Necklace of Serenity was what it was called, and it could bring

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379 words - 2 pages PeridotHave you ever heard of the birthstone peridot? Well, if you haven't I'll teach you a little bit about it. The reason why I'm researching peridot is because my birthday is on August 18, so that makes peridot my birthstone.Peridot comes in the color olive-green, and sometimes comes in a yellowish green. It is very pretty and it looks beautiful on a necklace or as a ring. When rubbed on a piece of glass peridots streak is white, and the

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467 words - 2 pages Kymara McFarlane Biotech CP Mrs Laquerre December 27, 2017 Letter to a friend Dear Kiana, I’ve done an experiment that was very interesting and fun in biotech class. What i did in this experiment was extract my very own ​DNA​ in order to make a ​DNA Necklace.​ DNA is a Deoxyribonucleic Acid​ and what it does is store ​genetic information. ​The structure of DNA is two molecules that are organized into a ladder called the ​Double helix​. Each

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974 words - 4 pages celebrate our victory over the opposition troop. All of a sudden, Sean quickly asked to pick up the necklace with the picture of his wife in it. The commander of the mission objected at first, but Sean wasn’t the type of person to take no for an answer. Sean pleaded for five minutes only so as to retrieve the items from the rooftop. As Sean jumped down, he quickly handed his gun and gadgets to me while he ran off into the building just meters away

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607 words - 3 pages leg and at about mid-calf, grew greater in diameter looking like a bell) wide-collar shirts, (the tips of the collar would reach all the way to the shoulder) platform shoes, (shoes that had a huge sole and were usually upward of 3 inches tall) and the apparent necklace. People stopped walking so stiff and started gaining a bounce in their step. New slang was used such as groovy, far out, awesome to name a few. When people got together in a public

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695 words - 3 pages visiting the church "no good" and ends it by merely examining the tinseled altar and its presiding "male saint, whose lace-trimmed drawers hang limply around his ankles." Her hand made necklace is important to her because of the fact that it was not made in a factory, how very ironic because she is assisting in a Marxist revolution.The story does not provide a simple ending. It is only in Laura's dream at the end of the story, a dream brought on

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1683 words - 7 pages times. When the Marquis gifted her the necklace, she “saw how much that cruel necklace became me. And, for the first time in my innocent and confined life, I sensed in myself a potentiality for corruption that took my breath away.” The potential corruption of her innocence comes partly from the losing of her virginity, but results in the protagonist stating “No. I was not afraid of him; but of myself.” Kidd’s assertion that "at the heart of the

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1575 words - 7 pages Free that have done wrong. But what have I done wrong? Only God knows the answer. I rip off my necklace and throw it into the darkest corner of the room. As my mind beats itself I find one moment of clarity. I look over at the bedsheet and begin tying knots. Everything goes grey. * SHU is the acronym for Security Housing Unit, solitary confinement. Critical Justification: My goal in writing ​Seventh Circle​ was to explore how a traumatic experience

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797 words - 4 pages certain religious orders of men) who has an impeccable knowledge on medicine and plants. The Friar, is an elderly loving man who lounges in a long brown robe with a necklace that has a long cross on it. Friar acts as a medium for the Montagues, Capulets, and the nurse. When Romeo asks him about a potential marriage ceremony, he agrees to set it up quickly in secrecy, even though he accuses Romeo of having just a physical attraction towards