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The Northern Ireland Conflict Essay

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Northern Ireland is known for the fights between Catholics and Protestants. The war has been goingon for a long time and is still going on. The Catholics do not like the Protestants and visa versa. Itstarted back many hundreds of years ago. In sixteenth centaury English Protestants took control ofIreland by taking land off Irish Catholics. When they took the land off Irish ...view middle of the document...

They controlledthe government and all land in Ireland. There are two parts of Ireland the north and the south. Thenorth of Ireland known as the Ulster is run buy the United Kingdom and the south is run by andindependent Ireland. This major conflict is held between the north and the south. The violence isbetween two sects, nationalist and unionists. One sect wants Irish independents and the other sectwants a Ireland run by the British. There is still conflict going on. In the seventeenth centaury thebattle of Boyne took place. The victorious one was William of orange beating James. The battle offBoyne affected the state of Ireland. It helped the Protestants in a big way. They had more control ofIreland and stole more land off the Catholics. They only had a very small amount of land; thegovernment was also run by the Protestants. 100 years after the battle of Boyne the British remainedin control. Still the Catholics hated the fact that Ireland was being run by the British. The Catholicswere still angry. They wanted revenge.

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