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Northern Ireland is known for the fights between Catholics and Protestants. The war has been goingon for a long time and is still going on. The Catholics do not like the Protestants and visa versa. Itstarted back many hundreds of years ago. In sixteenth centaury English Protestants took control ofIreland by taking land off Irish Catholics. When they took the land off Ir ...view middle of the document...

They controlledthe government and all land in Ireland. There are two parts of Ireland the north and the south. Thenorth of Ireland known as the Ulster is run buy the United Kingdom and the south is run by andindependent Ireland. This major conflict is held between the north and the south. The violence isbetween two sects, nationalist and unionists. One sect wants Irish independents and the other sectwants a Ireland run by the British. There is still conflict going on. In the seventeenth centaury thebattle of Boyne took place. The victorious one was William of orange beating James. The battle offBoyne affected the state of Ireland. It helped the Protestants in a big way. They had more control ofIreland and stole more land off the Catholics. They only had a very small amount of land; thegovernment was also run by the Protestants. 100 years after the battle of Boyne the British remainedin control. Still the Catholics hated the fact that Ireland was being run by the British. The Catholicswere still angry. They wanted revenge.


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842 words - 4 pages Free preference to their fellow Catholic workers", he thought that Protestants should only keep their jobs and be economically better of. He also thought that if Catholics were more powerful then Protestants there would be a Rome rule, as he thought Catholics were loyal to the Pope. Basil Brooke the Northern Ireland prime minister from 1943-1963 also shared similar views to Ian Paisley. He thought Catholics had different loyalties, if Catholics had

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1487 words - 6 pages Island being Catholic. 3. The British Crown did not see the Catholics as citizens, denying them rights such as going to school and owning property. B. The Conflict 1. When the Republic of Ireland became independent of the British Crown in 1922, they agreed to let the Protestant Northern Ireland stay in the U.K. 2. The remaining Catholics in Northern Ireland protested for equal rights in 1968, they were met with water cannons and batons. 3. This

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675 words - 3 pages Ireland. But as the time went by, the British started disliking the idea of Ireland being home ruled. One group stood up and said that maybe Ireland did want the control over themselves. That group was a left-wing republican party called Sinn Fein who wanted Ireland to become its own republic. That dream was eventually achieved in 1918 but not without its fights. One major conflict was between the Sinn Fein and the Northern Province of Ulster. Now the

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987 words - 4 pages available, unfortunately, to distinguish between adult and child abuse), representing one in eight of the sentenced male prison population. At present in Northern Ireland prisons there are approximately 110 such offenders. IN the Republic, convicted sex offenders are distributed throughout seven prisons and, with the exception of Castlerea, are kept segregated from other prisoners (for their own safety). Most are imprisoned in the Curragh and

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1536 words - 7 pages Free aim and objectives of differing terrorist groups. According to Frank Foley (2013, p.20), the motivation behind the violence committed by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was the ‘constitutional status of Northern Ireland within the UK’. Nevertheless, this motivation conflicts with that of the protestant unionists in Northern Ireland, who supports remaining part of the United Kingdom. However, Matt Treacy (2011 p.661) reports that the IRA suffered

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1002 words - 5 pages ’ Training Corp. He was killed in combat on 4th November 1918 on the banks of the Sambre Canal. World War 1 would be over one week later. · Only five of Wilfred Owen’s poems were published before he died. Seamus Heaney · Born on 13 April 1939 in Casteldàwson, Northern Ireland. · Seamus Heaney published his first poetry book in 1966, Death of a Naturalist. Later work looked at the Irish civil war. · Heaney was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1995

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5315 words - 22 pages , near southern Germany. From here they expanded over much of continental Europe and Britain. The Celts then expanded to cover an area covering most of Western Europe and Central Europe. Around 400BC, the Celts lived in Britain, Ireland, France , Luxemburg, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech and Slovak Republics. Celts also lived in parts of Spain , northern Italy, The Netherlands, the southern half of Germany, and parts of Poland and

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636 words - 3 pages , on a day that became known as Bloody Sunday, the IRA’s membership swelled. Soon the cities and towns of Northern Ireland were battlegrounds.¨ In short story ‘The Sniper’ follows a Republican sniper on a rooftop thought of as an enemy and his attempt at saving himself from his own death. The theme for this story is about not putting yourself into a situation that came out from your own mistakes. For example, in the story, the sniper was thinking

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1155 words - 5 pages Free an order that could be delivered to them or they would pick it up from the restaurant. It’s simply at one’s fingertips. This diagram exhibits the takeaway in the United Kingdom has boomed. There is no shock when Northern Ireland is the highest region that spends the most money on takeaways per week and its spending’s have been increasing by 18.8% since 2014; while the South West of the UK spends the least money on takeaways per week, they both


1621 words - 7 pages of Armagh,Northern Ireland, a veteran of reconciliation efforts in both hischurch and his country. The commission included 17 theologians and bishopswho ranged from liberal to conservative, but who managed to unanimouslyapprove their 88-page report, called the Windsor report.Archbishop Eames told a news conference that the commission concludedthat each of the 38 provinces of the church had a right to autonomy,"Yet they are not free to depart

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552 words - 3 pages . The Compromise of 1850 had to be drafted to allow California to enter the union as a free state. The Kansas Nebraska act caused a local violent conflict over the expansion of slavery into a new territory. The political party system of the country became more divided over new ideologies and slavery. After 1852, a major realignment of the American Political party system occurred, with former Whigs splintering into various political factions. Anti


479 words - 2 pages Bulgarian schools is very difficult because of protesting parents of non-Gypsy children who still have got prejudices. It is a real problem for these very young Gypsis not to be accepted and to be treated as outsiders.In South Africa as well blacks and whites are just starting to attend the same schools together after centuries of racial segregation in all levels of society. In Northern Ireland, Catholic and Protestant children attend separate

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777 words - 4 pages and finds entertainment in the friendships he makes with men of the kingdom, returning to America in 1762. He then sets off on a five-month tour of the northern colonies, with the purpose of inspecting their post-offices. When the stamp act, an act regulating stamp duty, was introduced, Franklin actively worked to repeal it, even going before the British house of commons. He was successful in it, Parliament voting to repeal it in March 1766

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2201 words - 9 pages creativity and mystery of the Romantic genre. Instead, this new wave of thinking was shaped by the political, social, scientific and industrial advances of the day. The realist movement instead was used to accurately depict real life and focus on individuals in their social environment. The Industrial Revolution, which predominantly took place in Northern England, provided inspiration for a numerous amount of texts, which aimed to portray how the new

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5767 words - 24 pages everywhere. 2. King Phillip an ardent Catholic tried to root out Islam in North Africa and Protestantism in England and the Netherlands. He failed at all three. a. The Netherland, a hot bed for Calvinism, grew wealthy itself and revolted against Spanish rule in 1566. After 15 years of war, the 7 northern provinces became the Dutch Republic (Holland) in 1581. b. Elizabeth I aided the Dutch and tried to impose rule of Catholic Ireland. c. The Spanish