The Odyssey Pba, Alternative Ending Dulaney High School, English 9 Gt Essay

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Unit 3 English 9 GT PBA
By: Jadon Gordon
On the way back to Ithaca, my heart, along with my men
was filled with victorious feelings, Poseidon heard his
son’s request, his cry, to have revenge on my men and me.
Poseidon made the seas, brutal, to the point where
5 the sail off the boat, ripped right down the middle.
The waves were jagged, with dark grey
skies, nearly black. The wind roared, like a thousand
lions, in harmony. This storm got so bad, that the ocean
created, sort of a black hole in the ocean. My men and I
10 ended up sinking down the black hole, which was actually
an entrance to Poseidon’s underwater kingdom. The last thing
we saw before we black out, was a large amount of water crashing
onto us. We woke up, maybe about an hour later, we were
mysteriously breathing underwater. It’s like, Poseidon turned
15 us into temporary mermaids. We stood up, and saw Poseidon
sitting on his throne. His beard was as white as snow, his trident
was a type of gold, that no one has ever seen, it may be longer
than our ship’s perimeter. His eyebrows were as white as his beard
and very bushy. It was kind of creepy. I’ve never seen someone’s
20 eyebrows that bushy. Poseidon was a good-shaped man might
I add. Some might say ripped.
Well I was admiring the underwater kingdom, Poseidon decided
to speak.
“Why does my son cry out to me, to have revenge on you and your
25 men Odysseus?”
“Well Poseidon, king of the ocean, your son, Polyphemus, held us
captive in his cave for a matter of time. We had to get out some way
so we could get back home. So my men and I decided to intoxicate your
30 son, to the point where he passed out. While we was, in his deep slumber
so soundly, we decided it to devise a plan. We found a large stick
of wood in the corner of the cave, and we decided to sharpen it and
stab him in the eye, so he could wake up, and open the cave. But Poseidon
sir, you’ve got to admit that this was an amazing pl--”
35 “SILENCE!” Poseidon exclaims as he cuts me off. I didn’t appreciate
it all.
“I don’t know what is stopping me from killing you and your men Odysseus
because I should have done it already. Maybe it’s the fact that your story is
keeping me engaged, or the legacy your father had in the main world. Please
40 hurry up and finish your explanation. My patience is running out.”
“Yessir. So basically, long story short, we stabbed him in the eye, he cried
like a little girl, he moved the humongous rock blocking the exit, we escaped,
I revealed my identity to him, and he through the boulder at our boat
and barely missed. That is when he cried out to you, now here we are.”
“Well, that was a fascinating story.” Poseidon said that so sarcastically, so
45 I replied, “Why thank you, Poseidon, king of the ocean.”
“Well I don’t want to kill you, but you are going to be punished. You
will stay in my underwater dungeon for three weeks. You will have
one meal a day, so portion it correctly. Guards! Take them to the
dungeon.” We were chained in shackles. Might I...

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