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The Patriot Critical Film Review

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The Patriot, a movie loosely based on Colonel Francis Marion and the Revolutionary War, was released in the year 2000. The film was written about a war-time hero, Francis Marion - called Benjamin Martin in the movie and played by Mel Gibson - who initially declines going or sending others to fight in the war. He quickly changes his mind though when his son is killed by a ruthless British officer. The Patriot is an interesting watch, as it contains well written script and exciting battle scenes. It is fairly correct about the time period, though the creative license given to Hollywood allowed multiple historical inaccuracies, including details of slavery during the time period, the main ...view middle of the document...

As mentioned, African Americans were told that they would be released from slavery if they fought on the British side. This gave many hope of living outside of bondage, perhaps even owning land. But many of those who survived the war and stayed on the British side lived no better lives then before (Colonial Williamsburg).Another scene in the movie depicts a local meeting in which there is a vote for South Carolina to join the war. In that meeting, Marion stated, "I'm a parent, I don't have the luxury of principles". There, it showed how he, and I am sure many others, were torn between fighting the war or staying home to keep to their families. Also, although many Americans at that time did not like the taxes, not all were for the war. Many did not believe that America could win or survive on its own. But, at the end of the day, they joined and there was immediately a signup for the men to join the Army. In the movie, Marion's son Gabriel signed up. Because Marion had no children in real life, I presume this was added to include some added drama.Gabriel soon goes off to fight, and a few years later, returns home injured. A day later, the Revolutionary War was literally being fought in his front yard. When he came outside, he saw that both injured British and American troops were being treated. Colonel Tavington arrived shortly after, and seeing that Marion was assisting American troops, ordered his home be burnt down and Gabriel's death by hanging. When another son attempted to save Gabriel, he was shot and killed. This scene was the turning part in the movie, as Marion turned from a pacifist into a fighter. He took his remaining two sons into the woods and the three of them killed approximately twenty British troops. Though this exact scene never occurred in real life, similar ones like it did. Marion and his militia knew the wilderness very well and they used this to their advantage. Marion on multiple occasions, even when heavily outnumbered, led surprise attacks against the British defeating them time and time again.As Marion joins back with the Continental Army, he is titled as a Colonel and requested to lead a militia. With him is French Officer Jean Villeneuve - played by Tcheky Karyo - who helped train the everyday farmer into a soldier. Though Jean Villeneuve did exist and was in fact a soldier in reality, it was not in this...

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