The Possible Effects Of Geotourism In Hue Esl Class Essay

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The Possible Effects of Geotourism in Hue
Have you ever heard about Geotourism? In fact, Geotourism is tourism that can carry for local people, even local government about negative or positive effects. Hue has many historical monuments for visitors to discover and understand the history of Viet Nam. Now, Hue is a well-known travel destination in Viet Nam and affected by geotourism in many ways. Most possible effects of geotourism in Hue encompass preservation of the local tradition, improving the economy of regional, promotion of Vietnamese culture.
One possible effect of geotourism in Hue is the preservation of local tradition. According to Viet Nam’s history, Hue is a city in central Viet Nam that was the seat of the Nguyen Dynasty emperor and the nation's capital from 1802 to 1945. So, it owns several cultural properties, royal tombs, and cultural characteristics of the King at that moment. For example, Nha Nhac of Hue court that was recognized by UNESCO as Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2003 and the relics of the ancient capital of Hue that were recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage in 1993. In addition to some places are available to attract tourism, the local government also restores those things that have been destroyed, such as, restore the throne of the king for visitors get the chance to try and take pictures. That is also the goal of the preservation of traditional culture to attract more attentions of visitors.
Another possible effect of geotourism in Hue includes an improving the economy of regional. As the development of tourism, some hotels, resorts, restaurants, and tourist services also evolve positively. Tourism brings more investment opportunities by foreign companies and financial structure to help for local people in here. For example, many investors have built many tourist centers, buildings, five-star resorts (Indochine Place, Residence Hue, etc.…) to serve the tourism and entertainment industry. Promoting the tourism of Hue to attract tourists. Also, local artists make and sell their works which traditional crafts and handicrafts, such as, palm-leaf conical hat (Non La), Ao Dai, etc..
One last possible effect of geotourism in Hue is the promotion of Viet Nam culture. In Hue, they have a special type of food called the Royal Cuisine of Hue (food for King) that is special Hue traditional foods. Each dish is decorated very elaborately. Travelers can trust and get the experience about Viet Nam’s culture easily. In addition, many museums, tombs in Hue give tourists a chance to get more knowledge about Hue’s history. In these ways, travelers can get to know the culture better.
In conclusion, the geotourism in Hue has three positive effects on the preservation of local tradition, culture exchange, and visitors in term of local growth. Therefore, geotourism can be a good alternative to traditional mass tourism.


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