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The Power-Maxx Marketing PlanRobi James, Tonya Standerfer, Michael Vaccaro, Jolene WilliamsUniversity Of PhoenixThe Power-Maxx Marketing PlanExecutive SummaryPower-Mass is a company with the corporate office located in Boise, Idaho, a manufacturing facility in the Golf Region, and five distribution centers strategically located throughout the United States. Power-Mass specializes in the production of methanol (methyl alcohol) fuel cartridges for the emerging hydrogen micro-fuel cell market. The company works with partners such as Methanex (who supplies the methanol) and the consortium of manufacturers of hydrogen micro-cell batteries such ...view middle of the document...

ProductPower-Mass currently offers two types of Micro-fuel cell cartridges, our CP-500 cartridge for use in the new generation of cell phones, and the CL-40 cartridge for use in laptop computers. With our cartridges, performance is maximized using another Power-Mass innovation of built in fuel flow regulation. Additionally, our proprietary cartridge design prevents the use of the fuel contained within the cartridge outside the micro-cell battery. It is this innovation that we feel will ensure the safety of passengers of commercial carriers from the threat of terrorist attacks using these cartridges as a weapon. Since the process of energy conversion does not require an ignition source, our cartridge design can provide the convenience to end users promised by this technology while balancing the safety of the traveling public.SWOTT AnalysisStrengthsResearch has indicated that the micro-fuel cell has the potential to replace current technologies that provide the power for many of today's consumer electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDA's), and portable gaming devices. Companies such as Motorola, Sanyo, Samsung, Casio, Toshiba, and IBM have already made the investments in research and have working versions of micro-fuel cells ready to enter the production cycle. These companies are only limited in their introduction of this technology by the availability of fuel cartridges to fuel the micro-cells. This represents the strongest support of our product line. Our fuel cartridges meet the needs of this company's customer pool and represent a major market waiting to be tapped. Our cartridge design overcomes two major problems associated with the rollout of this technology and places our company in a partner role ready to capitalize on this emerging market.WeaknessesThe analysis of the potential weaknesses in this market revolves around whether the consumers will accept the hydrogen micro-fuel cell as a safe and effective replacement to current technologies. The results of an earlier survey in which our company surveyed a random selection of potential customers showed that 88.46% had no prior knowledge of this type of technology. If the consumer is to buy into this type of product, then consumer education will need to form part of the marketing plan of the product suppliers. In this respect, we are somewhat at the mercy of our market partners to get the word out.An additional concern arises with the Department of Transportation (DOT), which has expressed concerns on how to ship this product, and the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has expressed concerns about how it will handle these devices when flown with the passengers in an airplane. At this time, there is a pending proposal to each of these Departments and are awaiting the approval.Our design contains less than .01 ounces of combustible materials yet when shipped in volume is considered hazardous. The methanol is a flammable material and will need...


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