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· 1348- pope Clement VI decreed that those who were infected could make their confession to each other, including women, if priest was unavailable.
· Bloodletting, to balance the body
· pulmonary/pneumonic plague- attacks the lungs and was always fatal
· Buboes- pus-filled swelling of the lymph nodes.
· Mother died from pulmonary/pneumonic plague- walking in garden for hours and died coming back to the house
· Father fallen sick from buboes- believed to be from riding the horse
· Ivy became isolated from everyone
· Doctors came to help Father- bloodletting
· Lose a fair amount of money on doctors
· Father confess to Ivy- after pope clement VI said you could.
13th November 1348
I ‘m scared. Father told me, that Mother has died suddenly. He wouldn’t tell me how she had died.I was waiting for mother to continue to sew together but she never came, that’s when I went to Father to ask about Mother and that’s when Father told me that she had died. I knew that it wasn’t going to be good news as the priest was with him and he looked upset. I’m scared, I don’t know what to do. Everyone is dying and I’m scared that is going to happen to me. It started with the servants dying, then Mother.
Love, Ivy x
15th November 1348
I walked past Father’s office and I heard him talking to someone about Mother's death. I knew I should not have listened in but I had to know what happened. I made sure no one was around, so I could listen in. The man with Father was telling him that is was some sort of disease that was going around the town and all the other villages. After I found out what killed mother I went back to my room. Once I was in my room Father and the doctor came in and ran tests and asked me questions. It made me nervous as I’m scared I might have this disease.
Love, Ivy x
18th November 1348...

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