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The Presidency: As Time Changed Power Gained

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The founding fathers believe we needed a strong executive to make important decisions that the president himself only makes. The founding fathers believed that was necessary so in times of emergency the proper response will be taken as quickly and correctly as possible. Because of the growth in size and complexity of the government and new technology the president is exercising much more power than the founding fathers once thought. There are three major powers that the president has that have given him more power. The presidents power as commander and chief is known as his biggest power of all to most citizens. That is because that power is directly related to the nations security. The ...view middle of the document...

They assumed that congress would be in control over its agenda and its budget. Now, the President has a large staff to help write the legislation that will later determine what largely the congress will do, including the proposed budget. The president's power of chief legislator has expanded because of the growth of the executive branch of government. Instead of just the president and his staff, the executive branch now has many large agencies such as the Department of Justice, Treasury Department and Environmental Protection Agency. Congress now relies on these agencies for the proposal of complicated legislation. The President's power as chief diplomat has grown in the past years because of new intelligence. Now, the president has rights to secret information from the CIA and the NSC over which congress doesn't have control. In the past, the power has been split between the congress and the president. Also, the ability to take vital important action has greatly added power to the president. The thesis that it is important to have a strong executive to make quick important decisions. In case of an emergency a president can act much faster than a group of 100 senators. The growth in size of government and new inventions and technology have helped to give the president more power. Also, over time the president's has exercised more power because, he has many department's to help him in his decision making. He is able to make much quicker decisions and more knowledgeable based on his staff around him. Even though presidential power has increased the operation of the executive branch today is still related to what the founders intended.

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