The Problem And Answers To An AI Course About The Problem Set One - Bishop Oconnell - Problem Set AI

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Bradford Brown
SCI 1000C
Problem Set 1
1. Artificial Intelligence includes both science and engineering to mimic the human
brain and understand how to reason like it. AI combines the science of how the
human brain functions and the engineering behind the machines used to
compute AI.
a. Reflex actions are rational and necessary to minimize pain or avoid danger.
These action are not a form of intelligence because it is apart of a natural
reaction that the brain forces your body to perform without pre-thought.
b. Evolution has formed systems that react rational because the most rational
systems have a higher chance of survival. These systems are designed to help
humans stay healthy as to live longer and survive.
a. Playing a decent game of ping pong can be accomplished by fitting pong paddles
onto robot arms with sensors that track the ball’s movement and predict its
b. Driving in the center of Cairo, Egypt could be done by computers using self
driving cars with motion sensors that can respond to the cars environment. A few
issues is that a minor glitch could affect someone physically and the inability to
refuel independently
c. Driving in Victorville California is currently feasible using self driving cars similar
to driving in Cairo except less stress on the computers motion sensors. One
issue would be refueling but this could be accomplished using special refuel
stations that would have to be installed.
d. Buying a week's worth of groceries could be done using computers but it would
need to know what you want and it needs the ability to identify foods without
labels or barcodes.
e. Buying a week's worth a groceries through the web can be accomplished using
computers that record and process the things you choose to buy. The groceries
would then be delivered using self driving cars or be picked up by the buyer.
f. Discovering mathematical equation could be difficult for a computer to
accomplish but solving existing problems is feasible. For a computer to have the
ability to discover new things it would have to be self-aware.
g. Writing an intentionally funny story would be challenging for a current computer
because they can not underst...

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