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Beth ThordsenProfessor Cole WilliamsIntro to Ethics23 March 2014Trees, Deer, and the Little Voice in Your HeadWhy isn't a lumber jack considered an axe murderer? If those trees were humans, lumber jacks would be seen as a hostile gang, like the Bloods. I suppose that trees just don't mean as much to us humans as we do to each other. Maybe it's because humans posses a quality that trees do not: a conscience. We have the ability to be aware of our ethical surroundings and because of this, we believe that aspect separates us from trees. What makes having a conscience so special, then? I believe that whether or not an object has a conscience ultimately decides it's value in comparison to hu ...view middle of the document...

This isn't just because they can't speak; trees are unable to feel any emotions towards right or wrong. In the situation, the application of knowledge is, again, missing from the activity. Thus, it has no conscience and lumber jacks are not considered homicidal maniacs. Humans differentiate themselves from deer and trees.Whether the lesson is taught in a Religious setting such as Sunday school or just from personal experience and disciplined actions, humans are often taught at a young age that stealing is wrong. When we steal from someone, we are aware that the property does not belong to us and that we have no right in taking it. This thought is our conscience. It is the idea that tells us to promote the good and avoid the bad. If I were to steal property from my friend, I would most likely try to justify my actions to avoid dealing with my guilt. My feeling of guilt is drawn from my prior knowledge of how stealing is wrong and it is the application of this knowledge to the activity of stealing from my friend that proves I have a conscience. Since I have a conscience, if someone shot and killed me in the woods, it would more than likely draw a bigger reaction from others than if someone killed a deer or chopped down a tree. Trudy Govier believes there is more to the conscience than knowledge.In a short work published in the 151st issue of the Humanist Perspectives journal, Govier talks about how conscience should be seen as a set of beliefs rather than knowledge. She believes that by moving the idea from 'knowledge' to 'beliefs' allows room for debate ("Govier"). Instead of saying, "I know that it is wrong to stea...


Deontology, Act Utilitarianism and the Pursuit of Autonomy - McMaster University, Philosophy - Case Study

1456 words - 6 pages Free Running head: DEONTOLOGY, ACT UTILITARIANISM AND THE PURSUIT OF AUTONOMY 1 Deontology, Act Utilitarianism and Pursuit of Autonomy Mina Pichtikova McMaster University Deontology, Act Utilitarianism and Pursuit of Autonomy 2 Olive is a healthy 12-year-old girl, caught in the midst of a complicated ethical dilemma. Her 10-year-old sister Nancy is at the end-stage of renal failure and requires a kidney transplant. Upon conducting medical tests, it

Pursuit of Happiness Paper

519 words - 3 pages 1.4 Personal Response Presentation PlanningText chosen: Pursuit of HappinessFilmThesis: The Pursuit of Happiness, shows the idea of life as a journey. Accomplishing something is a joy but it isn't the goal. The real joy and happiness someone receives is by the efforts that takes them to achieve that accomplishment.Brief outline:Never give up, unless you tryYou can achieve anything you want if you try hard enough and don't let yourself down even

Pursuit of Scientific Knowledge in Frankenstein - Essay

879 words - 4 pages What ideas of the pursuit of scientific knowledge are explored in Frankenstein? Mary Shelley begins Frankenstein through the narrative of Robert Walton, a knowledge-hungry explorer seeking to discover the fundamental secrets of the world in order to achieve personal glory. Walton is shown to be naive, especially considering his introduction to Victor Frankenstein who tells the story of his own mistakes in regard to the pursuit of

Paper On Cooperative Pursuit

679 words - 3 pages Free Rural electric cooperatives are formed in order tobring rural areas of the United States fast, affordable, andefficient electricity. An electric co-op is designed tooffer you electricity at a cheaper rate and enables one tomake use of modern electric conveniences. Conveniences thatan electric co-op bring include hot water, lights, and heat.Imagine how life would be with these electric conveniencesat your disposal. Life as it is known

Pursuit for Happiness - High School - Essay

833 words - 4 pages Happiness is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment. Happiness is not found through the material things in life. People should approach the idea of achieving happiness by having a positive outlook on life and being willing to work hard for what they want. Truly happy people perceive that happiness does not return from one event. It comes from a positive outlook and specific daily actions, that reinforce a contented perspective. As

Racism in America U.S. The Role of US History Textbooks in Schools - US History - Essay

1035 words - 5 pages Christie Brinkley  History 1201-09  February 1, 2019  Racism in America  U.S. history textbooks have a tendency to glorify the formation of our                        country, particularly the founding fathers who fought for “life, liberty, and the                        pursuit of happiness.” The irony is that despite their pursuit for promoting                        liberty, they were also responsible for the promotion of slavery.   In


251 words - 2 pages For the most part, Ecclesiastes is a depressing book. This message starts at a house of mourning and ends up at seeing the sun. Ecclesiastes tells how so many things we would strive for are empty and worthless. Money does not bring satisfaction; it breeds the desire for more. Pleasure is a brief pursuit, unless at heart we are content and happy from the start. Among its reversals of the expected, we are reminded that a rebuke from the wise is

Greek And Celtic Myths

5303 words - 22 pages fathers' sons, Bodhbh, he begins his search for the girl he dreamt of. When, after years, he successfully completes his search the lovers' travels to Bruigh Mac, his home.Chronologically and geographically distant, Apuleius second century record of the original Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche also relates a story of amorous pursuit. In Apuleius account Psyche is the most beautiful of all mortals. 'The fame of her surpassing beauty spread over the earth

rhetorical anylasis on decleration of independence - english - essay

557 words - 3 pages , God-given rights as a free nation which is still in order to this day forward. Jefferson uses a passionate tone in the declaration of independence addressing the King of England and other foreign leaders. Thomas Jefferson leads with John Locke’s, a famous philosopher, idea of natural rights. These truths include unalienable rights, all men are created equal, and life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Life, means people have the right to protect

Liberty versus Security Essay. Comparing Both - American Politics 101 - Essay

535 words - 3 pages United States. This action by the government infringes on the first and fourth amendments of the Constitution. My conjecture is that this action is nowhere near justified as infringing on a citizens privacy can risk the safety of citizens through misdiagnosed crimes. Not only does this action risk a citizen’s life, but it undermines the a citizen’s liberty and pursuit of happiness. Some violations of liberties are in fact amended however. There

William Golding's Life

370 words - 2 pages Establishment, and was briefly involved in the pursuit of Germany's mightiest battleship, the Bismarck, also participated at the French Coast for the D-Day invasion and later at the island of Walcheren. After the war he returned to this teaching, and started to write again. His first novel “Lord of the Flies” was published with great success, because of his success, he was able to resign his teaching at Bishop Wordworth School in 1961 and around

knowledge is both a blessing and a curse Frankenstein - School - Essay

545 words - 3 pages : How is knowledge dangerous (Frankenstein and in general) P2: Why is knowledge destructive P3: How does knowledge challenge destructive Intro: From the beginning of time the limitless pursuit of knowledge reveals man’s weakness. Modern society provides humans with a wide variety of sources on how to gain knowledge, both good and evil. The protagonist in the novel Frankenstein by Nick dear exemplifies that behaviour of the ideal man is grasping for

Two page essay on the summary of ,”The Great Gatsby.” with works cited - English - Book Report

495 words - 2 pages accident and Tom puts the blame on him. Nick watches as Gatsby is destroyed by his own past and parents choices leading to his murder by the garage-man for revenge. This story is centralized around the pursuit and love for wealth. Every character is money-obsessed, whether they were born with money (Tom, Daisy, Jordan and Nick), whether they made their fortune (Gatsby), or if they’re eager for more (Myrtle and George). This unhealthy addiction for money

This assignment is for Ap Literature in which the story is told by Esta. - English - Essay

527 words - 3 pages more independent from their religious family. Esta would be sympathetic towards Clyde’s goal. However, she’d be a bit envious of the path that Clyde took towards his pursuit of becoming less dependant on his religious parents and family.     It is made clear that, based off the decisions of Esta Griffiths, both siblings shared the same goal of becoming their own individual. For example, when Esta ran away from her home to live her own life with a

The American Dream in The Great Gatsby, The COmplete Poems of Emily Dickinson, and Huckleberry Finn - Gilman English - Essay

1377 words - 6 pages of the American people has not solely been based on the attainment of their dreams, but perhaps even more so from the pursuit of those dreams. The novel, The Great Gatsby, centers around one major theme: Gatsby’s continuous quest for the Daisy he met when he was a soldier in Louisville. For five years after he met Daisy, every action he did was to ensure his way back to her, or more accurately the version of her with him in Louisville(1.3). He