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Pushkin "The Queen of Spades" Alexander Pushkin's "The Queen of Spades" manipulates the readers' expectations in many ways throughout the story. What is expected to be a typical "˜happily ever after' story is not what it seems at all. The outcome of the character is nothing like what was expected."The Queen of Spades" begins at the end of a card game. As the gentlemen reflect on their wins and loses Tomsky tells a story about his grandmother, the Countess. He tells the guys that the Countess has the ability to play three cards and always guess the right ones. Everyone thinks it's a lie but Tomsky swears it's true. This story intrigues Hermann, an engineer, who is not a gambler beca ...view middle of the document...

When Lisaveta returns from the party she is actually relieved that Hermann is not in her room. Her feeling of relief shows that she doesn't love Hermann she was just hoping to be rescued.When Hermann sees that the countess is alone he approaches her and asks her for the secret. She tells him that it was just a joke but he doesn't believe her. He tries to convince her that he is most deserving of the secret and when she doesn't tell him he pulls out a gun. She died right then and there. Hermann the goes to Lisaveta's and tells her what happened. She tells him how to get out and he leaves.At the funeral, for the Countess, Hermann goes up to the coffin to pay his respects to her. He feels no remorse about what happened. When Hermann looks at the Countess he sees her wink at him and he falls to his knees. Later when Hermann is alone in his room he has a vision of the Countess and she tells him the three cards to play. He then goes to a gambling game and tries his luck. The fist card and second card wins but the last doesn't. He ends up losing all his money. In the end Hermann is in a mental institution, Lisaveta is married to "a very agreeable young man," and Tomsky is going to marry Princess Polina.There were many instances throughout the story where Pushkin violates the reader's expectations. The relationship between Lisaveta and Hermann is one that took place nothing like expected. They both had hidden meanings behind their pursuit of the relationship. Hermann wanted to get close to the Countess and get her secret. Lisaveta was just using him to get out of her life with the countess."Lisaveta Ivanovna, still wearing her ball dress, sat in her room, plunged in deep thought. On arriving home she had hastened to send away the sleepy maid who had reluctantly offered her services, and, saying she would undress by herself, had go...


What is the effects of the fragmentary writing in the handmaid's tale - Queen Ethelburga's - Essay

1451 words - 6 pages , in order to the have a clear perspective on what is actually going on in the Gilead society- as that is the only resources that we are provided. It then brings the readers into looking at the role of the language played in both Atwood’s text as well as the Gilead society itself. As Atwood writes the story of The Handmaid’s Tale in a fragmentary style, it further requires the readers to look at every component carefully, but as the readers are

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3413 words - 14 pages Many historians argue that the single biggest factor contributing to Charles’s military success was by his own skilled and ingenious leadership.  Whereas there were also other arguments of what might have contributed to Charles’s military success.  One of the arguments that could be argued is that Charles had superior resources compared to his enemies, which may be argued by some historians.  Whereas other historians may argue that the

Tchaikovsky Essay

760 words - 4 pages for his death are controversial. Some say that he developed cholera and dies in St.Petersburg others say that he committed suicide by taking poison to escape accusations of homosexuality.Operas Names Dates Composed The Voyevode 1867-68 Undine 1869 The Oprichnik 1870-72 Vakula the Smith 1874, 1875 Eugenen Onegin 1877-78 The Maid of Orleans 1878-79, 1882 Mazeppa 1881-83 Tcherevichky Oxana's Caprices 1885 Queen of Spades 1890 Iolanthe 1891 Ballets Names Dates Composed Swan Lake 1875-76 The Sleeping Beauty 1875-76 The Nutcracker 1891-92 Dmitri the Pretender introduction to Act 1 1870 Snow Maiden 1873 domovoy scene in The Voyevode 1886 Hamlet 1891

The frair report of cantaberry tales - english - research paper

412 words - 2 pages Free life of poverty. One of the stereotypes about friars was that they traveled around seducing women, and we see this in the Friar's portrait in spades: we learn that he has "maad many a mariage / of yonge wommen at his owene cost" (General Prologue 212 – 213). The Friar probably does not pay for these women's dowries out of the goodness of his heart; we are likely meant to understand that he must marry off these women to pay for the virginity he has

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1032 words - 5 pages Free Archer 1 Allison Archer English 452 12 March 2018 Dr. Stanton Love Transformed Throughout Queen Elizabeth’s life time she transforms the idea of love for different purposes such as expressing her heartache, proving her commitment to her empire, and encouraging her people. This goes to show that the Queen was full of love and used it to transform many of her pieces of work. Throughout these pieces of work the queen feels both personal and


1081 words - 5 pages 1950; Prince Andrew, the Duke of York (born in 1960); and Prince Edward (born in 1964).In 1953 Elisabeth became the British Queen after her father, King George VI, had died. This year is a special year for The Royal Family. They celebrate The Golden Jubilee and 50 years on the throne. /There have been only three English monarchs to celebrate a Golden Jubilee, or 50 years on the throne: King George III, Queen Victoria and now Queen Elisabeth II./It

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426 words - 2 pages Free Elizabeth 1 was once the queen of England. Although, forgotten by her father king Henry Vlll at a very young age. She led her country to victory. She is considered one of the most successful rulers of all time by many. She was an inspiration to many rulers after her and to many young women nowadays. Her reign is known as the golden age. Queen Elizabeth was born September 7th 1533 her father was king Henry Vlll and her mother Anne Boleyn. As a

Queen Elizabeth

435 words - 2 pages After 44 years of rule, Queen Elizabeth I of England dies, and King James VI of Scotland ascends to the throne, uniting England and Scotland under a single British monarch.The daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth succeeded to the throne in 1559 upon the death of her half-sister Queen Mary. The two half-sisters, both daughters of Henry VIII, had a stormy relationship during Mary's five-year reign. Mary, who was brought up as a

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624 words - 3 pages First Knight is Full of Zingy EnergyFirst Knight brings forth a very interesting twist to the Camelot tale. The movie begins with a horrific attack from King Malagant on the neighboring land of Leonesse where Queen Guinevere rules. Leonesse is defenseless against Malagant's armies; therefore, causing Guinevere to rely upon her next-door neighbor and soon to be husband King Arthur. First Knight is a very exciting movie full of action, romance and

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520 words - 3 pages finds out she is a girl, and also shows bravery by retrieving the script back from the Yellow Gentleman. Peter’s maturity develops because he makes choices that benefit the grater good. Peter shows many signs of loyalty. He shows loyalty by wanting to protect the Queen. “If I give up mow, and let myself slip down into the sweet peace of the green water, the Queen would be murdered and the kingdom thrown into anarchy.” (Trease 213). Peter goes out

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747 words - 3 pages Angel Marin Period 2 1-8-19 English HL 1 Mrs. James Characterization of Gertrude in Hamlet One of the main characters in Shakespeare’s Hamlet is Queen Gertrude. Queen Gertrude is also considered one of the antagonists in the play. Her roles in the play are being a mother to Prince Hamlet and the Queen of Denmark. Most importantly, Queen Gertrude, mother to Prince Hamlet is characterized as an unloyal and unloving character in Shakespeare’s

Elizabeth’s Impact on England and Its Role - English I - Essay

1354 words - 6 pages throne. England’s ascension to the throne was an unpleasant experience for Elizabeth. On November 17th of 1558, the current queen passed and Elizabeth was next in line for the position and was crowned Queen of England. England’s condition was at ease during her childhood, but as she grew older England grew worse. Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne gave her several problems to deal with. Although Elizabeth was expecting an easier transition, she would

England's attempt at imperializing china, how it had less of an impact than expected

449 words - 2 pages Free Commissioner Lin's letter to Queen Victoria we see another side of the Chinese. They never back down and totally give in to the Europeans, as that was beneath them and they still had their pride. This letter is the closest to begging that the Chinese would ever come. It is basically a plea to the Queen for her people to stop selling opium to the Chinese. The irony in the letter is that the English had so much opium from India, and they would not sell

Paraphrase of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter - CLA 2000 - assignement

402 words - 2 pages Free helpful to their mother. The queen hired Demeter to nurse her son Demophoon. Demeter did so and at night hid him in an open fire so that he would be immortal. The queen spied upon her one night and ruined Demeter’s spell. Demophoon would no longer be immortal but would have honor. Angered Demeter told the queen of her actual identity as a goddess and instructed her to let the people build her a shrine with an altar above a hill and in return she would

Assignment 2: Soliloquy Analysis - English Literature - Assignment

587 words - 3 pages Hamlet [student name] [professor name] [course code] 11 June, 2018 Assignment 2: Soliloquy Analysis Soliloquy : Act I, Scene ii "Oh, that this too too solid flesh" – Hamlet is at court, and it is noted that he is still grieving his father and wears all black. This speech of Hamlet is taken from the first Soliloquy. The context is the death of King Hamlet, his father. After his death, Queen Gertrude and King Claudius ask Hamlet to forget the