The Race To Replace Rodney P. Frelinghuysen American Government Assignment

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The Race to Replace Rodney P. Frelinghuysen
Rodney Procter Frelinghuysen has been the Republican Representative in the U.S. Congress from New Jersey's 11th congressional district since 1995, an incredible span of 22 years during which he successfully faced reelection challenges 11 times.  The district is the 10th wealthiest congressional district in the nation, but it is far from universally well off since it not only includes many of the wealthier suburbs of Northern New Jersey but also many poor areas in Newark and Paterson. Previous to President Trump’s election, Frelinghuysen’s voting record was centrist or moderate, but when the Republican stance turned sharply to the right of center with the election of Trump, Frelinghuysen continued his record of voting with his party over 90 percent of the time.  Opposition to Frelinghuysen grew with Trump’s unpopularity in the state, and he ultimately announced last January 29 that he would bow out from another term in the 2018-midterm elections.
Therefore, on November 8, voters from this influential New Jersey district will choose between two new candidates for the position, Republican Jay Webber and Democrat Mikie Sherrill. Former Navy pilot and federal prosecutor Mikie Sherrill is the more aggressive candidate, saying “I think it’s critical that we get new leadership in Congress.” (CBS 1) Jay Webber, who served in the state legislature for a decade is relying on Trump’s endorsement (“Webber is doing a very great job against a person looking to raise taxes.”) (CBS 2) However, the main issue of the race is last year's federal tax reform law, as homeowners in the state now face a $10,...


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