The Raisins In A Bun Model Done By Jj Thomson And The Discoveries That Followed

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In the 1890's scientist found that invisible rays are emitted when matter is hit with a jolt of electricity. Such experiments involved transmitting electric arcs between two ends of cathode ray tubes. Some physicists discovered some substances that spontaneously emitted invisible rays regardless of electricity or any other type of energy. An example of these substances are: uranium and radium, which are named radioactive materials. X-rays were a portion of the emitted rays that had the ability to penetrate dense objects. Beta rays were labeled as rays that displayed high levels of energy.They had the ability to, when covered wit ...view middle of the document...

Some though them to be the fundamental building block of the universe. They name for these beta rays was soon replaced by the name electron.The English physicist by the name of JJ Thomson, discovered the electron in 1897. He was certain that every atom consisted of electrons. He deduced that since an atom contains a neutral charge and consists of negative electrons, there must be some other positively charged material within the atom to balance out the negatively charged electrons. He realized that the electrons alone could not account for the mass of one atom due to their light weight. He deduced that this other material must account for most of the weight of the atom.From these observations, JJ created a model that represented an atom. He saw an atom as being a ball of positively charged matter, with small electrons scattered throughout, much like raisins in a bun.His proposed model of an atom fitted experimental facts- particles could be charged by friction or chemical reaction. This was demonstrated by the addition or removal electrons. The addition of electrons would result in a negative charge, and deficiency in electrons would result in a positive charge. This theory of the motion of electrons is still in effect nowadays for chemistry, explaining chemical reactions. The fault in JJ's model lay in placement of the electrons. His model presented a rough idea of an atom for scientists, but failed to explain various experiment. This resulted in his model rapidly becoming obsolete.


Paper On The Potato Bun

787 words - 4 pages Free United States has an organization accused McDonald's fries could cause cancer. Another survey refers to the fast food in addition to the lack of the nutrition for the average person, and lead to the edible obesity, meat inside the hormones may also make men out of the women's breasts. Mac Job is a low paid and a low skilled job, which is often seen negatively by its employees. This results in lower performance and high employee turnover, which

Assignment On Future of the OSI Model

524 words - 3 pages Internet (and thus TCP/IP) is developing.The TCP/IP model has become the model of reference in place of the OSI model. Contrary to the OSI model, the TCP/IP model was first implemented before being specified. This particular story makes TCP/IP's characteristics, its advantages and drawbacks. TCP/IP dates from the ARPANET network. ARPANET is a telecommunication network developed by the ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency), the research agency of the

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832 words - 4 pages America's fascination with comic books and cartoons filled with superheroes has created an empire of almost epic proportions. Upon my arrival in America, two of the myriad of comic book characters on offer immediately captured my attention, - Batman and Superman. I was informed by those "in the know" that Superman is the greatest superhero there is, and Batman never seems to get enough credit. After watching a great number of Batman and Superman

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1251 words - 6 pages by homosexuals is unconstitutional and demonstrates to the public eye that Florida officials discriminate against the majority of South Florida's population. The problem is that Florida is the only state in the United States with a law that specifically forbids adoption by any person who is not heterosexual. In 1977, as part of an antigay movement orchestrated by singer Anita Bryant, Florida legislators banned gays--both individuals and couples

Title: Conservation of Energy Lab Purpose: To verify that the total energy of an object doesn't change if the object hasn't done work

667 words - 3 pages of the small piece of PVC pipe and it passing through the photo gate.Conclusions/Sources of ErrorWe found that the experiment was not perfect but the formula does seem to be accurate. Our groups experiment showed a 17% loss in energy between our original total energy calculation at the top of the tube and our total energy calculation as the object passed through the photo gate. This loss in energy can be accounted for by friction between the small

What Did Marx Mean By The Statement That 'Capital Is Not A Thing, But A Social Relation Between Persons'?

2416 words - 10 pages Free and physical energies' (Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844). The work is forced on the worker by external constraints, and work itself becomes a commodity that is sold and its only value to the worker is its salability.Marx also sees capitalism as alienating man from his 'species-being'. A species-being is what defines a man, in other words, his humanity. Alienation deprives his productive activity of those specifically human qualities

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1660 words - 7 pages of those are women (Comer). What causes the disorder? We will view several different theories. Some believe that the exact cause for this disorder in unknown. Others like John Oldham, believe it is caused by a combination of environmental circumstances and genetic influences, and many believe that it always stems from their childhood of sexual abuse and physical abuse. In the movie, Susanna showed no signs of neglect in her childhood. Why then

Investigating a factor that affects the volume of H2 at the cathode in an electrolysis reaction

630 words - 3 pages where they enter the electrolyte. They are released at the positive terminal and returned to the source. The current is passed through the electrolyte by the ions as they transfer to the electrodes. Electrons always flow from anode to cathode.AimInvestigate a factor that affects the volume of H2 at the cathode in an electrolysis reaction.HypothesisI think that the voltage will be one factor that will affect the volume of H2. I guess that as the

The Vikings In The Middle Ages. Thesis: The Invasions Of The Vikings Into England Throughout The 8th, 9th, And 10th Centuries Had A Great Impact On The People And History Of That Time

1107 words - 5 pages Army. In 1016 CE Cnut, the Viking leader, became King Cnut of England (Cook 4). However, this was not a bad step for the people of England at all. King Cnut was able to apply his Viking past to his new role, and he rose to the occasion of being a marvelous King. It was easy to see by his actions that "Cnut was a Christian when he became King but he retained the mentality of a Viking" (Bakken 2). King Cnut was able to conquer more lands and

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817 words - 4 pages . However, he was bothered and wanted some explanation about his work and his grades. Both actors are decent people. And both are casualties on a battleground of a broken educational system. The battleground was set by educational planners, who’s policy would allow the students to finish the college and improve their lives. As having the higher education would lead in to the middle-class population. Or that was the plan, however, it was more like a

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856 words - 4 pages actions affected his daughter.During the first half of the play, Lisa wants to have a conversation but her father doesn't. He seems as though he could not be bothered with her and that he was not inter-ested in what she had to say. When she starts telling him about a movie she saw on tele-vision and he tells her that she is being maudlin. When she asks what maudlin means he says, "Sentimental, soppy. Frequently used by children who make things up to

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1636 words - 7 pages -Chakraborty, 2001). From a sociological view-point the two movements can be seen as follows: the 'modern' movement taking into account the changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution, and the "postmodern' movement, the changes brought upon us by the Information Revolution (Macionis, Plummer, 1998). But, to what extent can it really be said that cities have recently entered a 'postmodern' stage in their development? To answer this question one must

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1277 words - 6 pages Free 5,000 strong, to bring back the resources necessary to sustain human life, and save humanity from extinction. I made my way to the command room to notify the pilots that we were clear for departure, before meeting up with Violet, second in command, in the dining hall. We sat at our regular spot, a small table by a grand window that peered into the calm silence of space. We were both ready to head home, eager to pick up where we left off. The ship

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280 words - 2 pages only the first three leagues listed above as major leagues often refer to them as the Big Three. However, it appears most Americans (and nearly all Canadians) also include the latter league to create a Big Four:Since the four leagues listed above are those listed as the major leagues, the sports they play (baseball, basketball, American football and ice hockey) are often referred to as the four major professional sports or even just the major sports by North Americans.

Oskar Schindler, In The Eyes Of Many, Is A True Hero. This Is A Man Who Wanted To Make A Difference And Do Things That He Thought Was Humane And Rightful

875 words - 4 pages social skills, and especially his communication skills. During the invasion of Poland performed by Germany, he supported the act due to the sole reason that he could make profit from it. Eventually he had gained ownership of a factory in Krokow, Poland. Unfortunately this did not help much and most of his family was unemployed, Schindler not wanting this fate, joined the Nazi Party. Later he was recruited to join the German Intelligence Agency