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1.IntroductionRecruitment is the first part of the process of filling a vacancy. It includes the examination of the vacancy, the consideration of sources of suitable candidates, making contact with those candidates and attracting applications from them. It aimed at finding a pool of applicant with the abilities desired by the organization.Selection is the next stage, i.e. assessing the candidates by various means, and making a choice followed by an offer of employment. If the vacancy is additional to the present workforce, then in all probability the need for the new employee has been established and a job specification complied. The majority of vacancies, however, occur as replacements for ...view middle of the document...

This is followed by deciding how to fill up the job opening with the qualified candidates (through job analysis) within a specific time frame.A job analysis is an efficient, cost-effective way to gather useful information about a job It is used for three important purposes in the employment process.* First, it provides a brief summary of the nature of the job, and lists the duties and responsibilities.* Second, job analysis assists in the compiling of job specifications. Job specifications set out the traits and characteristics considered to be essential for successful job performance. These include education level, relevant experience, skill level or physical characteristics.* The third purpose is to assist in development of selection criteria, criterion measures and predictors.The job analysis provides a very clear picture of the requirement of the total job. Based on this information, an employee requisition can be evolving to hire the most appropriate candidate.2.2 Job ApplicantThe organization seek suitable applicant through two main sources namely internal and external recruiting.Internal recruiting seeks applicants for positions from among those current employees. Job position can be announced to current employees through bulletin boards, newsletters and other company information sources.Another form of recruitment is known as external recruiting. This method seek applicant through unsolicited application, jobcentre, direct links with school, advertising and also use of private agencies. Advertising is one of the more popular and effective recruitment methods used by most organization.Through the above recruitment method it is possible to "target" recruitment to attract individuals with highly specialized technical, scientific, or professional training and experience, and underutilized women, minorities, and other groups.2.3 Selection ProcessThe selection process begins when recruiting program have attracted a number of candidates for available job openings. The basic goals of selection are to hire the employees most likely to attain high standards of performance. The selection process involves eight distinct steps.The nine steps of the selection process1.The Application Form2.The Screening Interview3.The Employment Interview4.Employment Testing5.References Checks6.The Conditional Employment Decision7.The Physical Examination8.The Final Employment Decision9. Orientation of new employmentThe Application FormJob candidates are required to fill up an application form. The application form provides an initial screening process. It provides an opportunity to gather certain basic selection data in a short time period. It can be used to verify for accuracy, it is easy to use and it has face validity.The Screening InterviewThe screening interview is usually done after the applicant fills up the application form. The interview is used to determine key information regarding job requirements and to get a general impression of...

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