Assignment On "The Red Room" By H.G.Wells

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Laura Buckingham 10sThe Red RoomBy H.G.WellsHow does the writer create and build tension in this ghost story?The writer immediately creates a sense of mystery by the title, "Red Room." Instantly it makes the reader ask questions, "What is the Red Room?" This introduces the tension, as red could be connected with danger, fear or maybe even blood. The title makes the reader want to continue reading, urging the reader to find the answers and explanations to the mystery already built up.The first line is direct and straight to the point in telling the reader that this is a ghost story. The writer opens the short story with,"'I can assure you,' said I, 'that it will take a very tangible ghost ...view middle of the document...

Faceless like a ghost which has no reflection in a mirror. As if the old people are ghosts or spirits in themselves.The characters seem almost inhuman, a typical ghost story feature, stereo-typical characters.The old people play I large role in adding and creating the tension at the start. Their gruesome, unimaginable, mysterious introduction and descriptions make the reader squirm in disgust, luring the reader to read on.The first hint to the outline of the story's path is received here,"..and eight-and-twenty years you have lived and never seen the likes of this house..."This suggests that the things that await and haunt the house are of an unbelievable and unthinkable matter, they are going to shake the young man."This night of all nights..."Gives the impression that it is on this specific night, something frightening and terrible is going to happen. An idea that the young man is walking into something that he would be crazy or out of his mind to do. Also "night" adds to the tension. Not only is the story based in a haunted castle, but also at night, in darkness. The scene is being set, the classical horror story scene of a haunted house at night."..caught a glimpse of myself, abbreviated, and broadened to an impossible sturdiness, in a queer old mirror.."Now, even the young man cannot identify himself. His own reflection frightens him. He is the only near normal person in the room, yet in the mirror, even he is inhuman and distorted. His reflection nerves him, his confidence deteriorating." Enhanced spiritual terrors," describing things more frightening that what they actually are. The old people are trying to warn the man of what he is to step into. They are not making it easy for him; in fact they are doing their best to put him off., warning him of the creatures that lurk ahead. However, the young man thinks that they are just trying to frighten him, but they're warning him as they know of what consequences could lay ahead due to previous experiences.The main character still remains unnerved in order to keep his pride intact, yet his confidence is gradually disappearing until he reaches a gibbering wreck. The tension rises in direct proportion to his feelings. Every time he speaks the fear that surrounds is character grows as well as the tension with it."If I see anything tonight, I will be so much the wiser."He's beginning to doubt his initial beliefs of ghosts, and has now developed an open mind. This shows that this ghost must be so special that it can change even the strongest of minds. He is preparing himself for the danger he may be walking into. The young man does feel slightly disturbed at the beginning by the old people but not enough to prevent him from going into the room. He is still determined to face whatever is supposedly dwelt in this special room."It's your own choosing."This phrase is repeated throughout the beginning of the story. The elderly man is in some way constantly warning the young man, yet at the same t...


How H. G. Wells Creates Atmosphere In "The Red Room" By Referring To The Way He Describes Location

962 words - 4 pages H. G. Wells uses the description of location to build atmosphere by splitting the locations into three significant sections, the housekeepers room, where he starts the story, the passages and staircases, the narrator travels through on his journey to the red room, and then the red room itself where the narrator drives himself crazy due to the unnatural silence, the creeping presence of darkness and the inexplicable presence of undiluted fear

Assignment On The Masque Of The Red Death

288 words - 2 pages symbolisms to express death. The last of seventh room represents the last stage of life, where the walls are painted a deep blood color. And it's the death place of the prince. The gigantic clock of ebony provides a time, the time remains for the life of the guests and the prince, as the clock ticks times away, the death of the them gets closer and closer. The author's purpose to remain the Red Death as an unknown is to be able to express "The Red

Color and Weather Motifs in Jane Eyre - AP English Lit - Essay

412 words - 2 pages her away to the red-room, and lock her in there." (1.39-40) White is a symbol of peace, purity or tranquility. This is why Bertha Mason rips the bridal veil. Not only is she angered by the sight of a promise to her that was broken, but she herself is described as white and very pale. After Rochester found out that she was insane, he emotionally abandoned her and kept her locked up. In this way, Charlotte Bronte uses irony with her symbolism. When

Assignment On Masqerade Of The Red Death

1391 words - 6 pages is also unexpected. The way the author decided to structure his setting by placing the rooms from brightest to darkest and ending with a deep blood color shows how he wanted to tell the reader that no matter how much you continue to go down an evil path you will end up with death. The last room was used to represent death and show that it is unavoidable with evil.The Red Death represented by a man wearing a mask is used to show how death is

Masque of the Red Death Literary Analysis - Next High School, English 1 - Literary Analysis

460 words - 2 pages corpse that the closest scrutiny must have had difficulty in detecting the cheat” (Poe). The partiers are frightened of the figure, realizing the end of their lives was nigh. And so it is told that by its hand Prince Prospero falls, as did the rest of the party-goers, although his plan for safety seemed foolproof. Works Cited Poe, Edgar Allen. “The Masque of the Red Death.” May, 1842.

Physicalism: What Mary Didn’T Know And Possibly

1167 words - 5 pages . In this room she learns all there is to know about the physical world, which includes all of chemistry, physics, and neurophysiology. When Mary finally leaves the room, she encounters the color red. According to Jackson, all her knowledge of red wouldn't prepare her for the actual experience of seeing red. Upon seeing the color, she would finally know what red really is. He makes this point by replying to three objections presented to his

Independence within Romantic Love in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë - eng119 - essay

975 words - 4 pages the coexistence of equality and independence in romance is essential to her happiness. Brontë characterizes the protagonist Jane as exiled and rejected early in the novel through her imprisonment in the “Red Room”, by her Aunt Reed. The “Red Room” is symbolic of Jane’s entrapment in society due to her class, gender and her independent streak, which was unconventional of a woman during her time. Her period of imprisonment in this room leads to her

Independence within Romantic Love in - english - essay

975 words - 4 pages the coexistence of equality and independence in romance is essential to her happiness. Brontë characterizes the protagonist Jane as exiled and rejected early in the novel through her imprisonment in the “Red Room”, by her Aunt Reed. The “Red Room” is symbolic of Jane’s entrapment in society due to her class, gender and her independent streak, which was unconventional of a woman during her time. Her period of imprisonment in this room leads to her

How Does Charlotte BrontÉ Convey Jane Eyre's State Of Mind In Chapter 2 Of The Text 'Jane Eyre'?

1253 words - 6 pages Free because it makes the reader feel they can get into Jane's mind. In the second chapter the author uses colours to reflect on how Jane is feeling at that moment in the red room. The author gives a detailed description of the red room through the use of imagery. For example "Curtains of deep red damask". Bronté doesn't just describe the curtains as red; she goes into depth by using the word "deep" and "damask". These are very deep harsh

Identifying pigments in spinach and red leaves using chromatography - Biology uni grade 12 - Biology formal lab

1487 words - 6 pages doing the lab, we did not come across any significant errors, but there is still room for improvement. When we were adding the extract to the paper we struggled a bit. The chromatography paper does not need a lot of the extract to be effective. Using a pipette to transfer the extract might be too much. It was easy to spill and mess it up. For future labs using fine capillary tubes might be a better alternative. In conclusion spinach and red leaves

Book Review Of The Time Machine By H.G. Wells

1394 words - 6 pages Free the wings, instead of being carried vertically at the sides, were spread so that it seemed to hover. " In conclusion, H.G.Wells allows the reader to make contrasts between the three main characters in the novel The Time Machine. Wells does this by associating the main character (The Time Traveller) with the other two species, in the novel. I believe that this allows the reader to become involved in the novel as I did. I found this book to be

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556 words - 3 pages fight? Characters? MacPherson Physical Description? Red fussy face, tight-lipped young Scot? Curly Black Hair Greying? Thick Scots accent Joined in 1927 Doesn't like Job? Avoid Master's Room (Staff Room) Lost his natural & free spirit (3) Idealistic Teacher? Won't Beat Kids (5)? Hopes kids will succeed and remember him Losing

Fulfilled Promises and Celebrations - Jones College/Comp 1 - Essay

508 words - 3 pages rectangular window and created a sense of security within the child. Meanwhile, hot chocolate wildly broke out in the toasty living room. Gingerbread house tutorials were spread throughout the tan, creamed carpet as her seven-year-old sister argued with Martin 2 her bald-headed Uncle Eric with about color frosting should be applied to her princess gingerbread house. Laughter echoed inside the walls of the place she calls home because her two red

How does Color Affect Design and People - University of Bridgeport Color Theory - Essay, Assignment

1062 words - 5 pages factor in meditation due to associations and connections forged by the practitioners experiences. When a practitioner seeks to meditate or focus their energy on love, for example, it is general practice to light candles in red, pink, white to gaze into during meditation. Red is often associated with the emotion of passion, due to its psychological associations to fire and warmth, “danger” and impulse, and rapid growth. White, often associated with

Vasthi's room E.M Forster- The Machine Stops

479 words - 2 pages from the other rooms.Vashti's whole room is controlled with buttons. Vashti's every single action is controlled by the buttons. All the work done by humans in our present's time rooms is done by only pressing a button and the job is done within a second in Vashti's room. Vashti lives in a hexagonal room. In the side of the room a reading table with a chair is lying. The book lying on the table is the "machine's book". A book having answers or