The Red Scare! Mccarthyism In America - PCC EN 126-19 - Research Paper

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Pensacola Christian College
The Red Scare!
A Project Submitted to
Mrs. Crocker
in Partial Fulfillment of
the Requirements for the Course
EN 126-19
English Grammar and Composition
Jose Armenta
Pensacola, Florida
April 13, 2018
In this paper, every OPINION from someone else has been indicated by a parenthetical citation
or reference number. I realize that the mere presence of a parenthetical note or reference number
does not avoid plagiarism.
 Parenthetical Citations: I have placed quotation marks around exact words, phrases,
clauses, or sentences of someone else. If I have paraphrased opinions of someone
else, I have stated those opinions in my own words (without quotation marks). I have
also introduced the quotations and paraphrases and followed the authors’ names with
parenthetical notes.
 Reference Numbers: I have placed quotation marks around exact words, phrases,
clauses, or sentences of someone else. If I have paraphrased the opinions of someone
else, I have stated those opinions in my own words (without quotation marks). I have
also introduced the quotations and paraphrases and put a reference number at the end
of the sentence.
ALL FACTUAL INFORMATION (common knowledge or uncontested knowledge),
though not credited with a parenthetical note or reference number, has been stated in my
sentence structure. I have not used anyone else’s organization of the facts.
This paper is my own first-time work. No one has helped me in the preparation or writing
of this paper. I understand that plagiarism detection software may be used on this paper.
Signed: Jose Armenta
Thesis: McCarthian paranoia negatively affected Americans during the cold war.
I. Background Information
A. Senator Joseph McCarthy started the McCarthian movement in American.
B. The Cold War was a war fought between the democratic government of America
and the communist government of the Soviet Union.
II. First, McCarthian paranoia negatively affected American because it affected
American politics.
A. McCarthyism’s had an effect on a presidential level because President Harry S.
Truman instated his Truman doctrine.
B. There was political split among the presidential cabinet during the Truman
III. Second, McCarthian paranoia negatively affected Americans because it interfered
with the psychological aspect of their life.
A. McCarthy capitalized on national paranoia by proclaiming that communist spies
were omnipresent and that he was America’s only salvation.
B. Even after the end of the cold war American’s were psychologically affected by
McCarthian paranoia.
IV. Finally, McCarthian paranoia negatively affected Americans because it interfered
with the nation’s cultural and intellectual life.
A. Senator McCarthy’s anti-Communist purges helped positivism to triumph over
pragmatism in American universities in the 1950’s.
B. McCarthy era serves as a warning when we consider the present state of
philosophy in America.
The Red Scare!
Richard Nixon, the l...

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