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Amanda Capote
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Profesor Cortez
October 29, 2018
The Relevance of Fashion in Film
The film industry made $35.9 billion in box office revenue in 2016 alone. That is a lot of people
going to the movies. There are so many movies that stick out when discussing impacting films
Like, Titanic, The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Snow White and so many more. As these films live
on in popular culture an iconic staple of most classic films is a very recognizable main character.
Most people can recognize a film character based on their clothes alone. Things like Dorothy's
red shoes or Princess Leia’s buns are staples that can be recognized and immediately identified.
Yet, the clothes in those films are not very practical for everyday normal people. There are
movies that create fashion trends and propetuate new styles that mesmerize people. In almost
every decade, there is a film that stands out for its attention to style and its aesthetics. Films like
Breakfast at Tiffanys, Heathers and Clueless were extremely relevan in terms of fashion.
The sixties was a very diverse time for fashion. With the age of the sexual revolution
and the space exploration, there were very distinct styles between the early, mid, and late sixties.
Breakfast at Tiffanys and Audrey Hepburn in general, are big names when discussing 60s
fashion. Audrey Hepburn at the time of starring in the film was considered a Hollywood darling,
and was extremely influential. Breakfast at Tiffanys just confirms that Audrey was a style icon in
the purest sense of the word. The film made strides as being a bit more racey and discussed sex
in a very nonchalant way. Audrey Hepburn plays Holly Golightly, a naïve, eccentric socialite,
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living in New York. Popular designer Hubert Givanche designed the most iconic outfit Holly
wears in the film, the little black dress. The early sixties were extremely influenced by Hepburn.
Her style can be described as polished and charming, she wore dresses that were tight around the
waist with square and high-neck lines. Hepburn was Givanches muse, He created looks for
woman to wear based on her style and likes. The black dress that Holly wears at the beginning of
the movie has become not only a popular piece of fashion but a popular piece of pop culture.
That dress spawned hundred of knock offs and look a-likes. Everyone wanted a dress like that.
Even in 2018, it is not uncommon to see a store selling a long black dress to emulate the dress
from Breakfast at Tiffanys.
Heathers staring Winona Ryder is not the typical “coming of age” 80s film. Well, at the
beginning of the film seems like a John Hughes era film, it's ending is more aligned with a horror
film. Ryder plays a teenager ,Veronica, who is friends with the popular mean girls, all three
named Heather. Veronica meets the new boy , J.D played by Christian Slater, and they begin to
date. One day Veronica is going to confront the leader of the Heathers, Heather Chandler, about
their mean ways....

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