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The Relevance Of Understanding Pesudo Transformational Leadership

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AbstractAccording to Johns and Saks (2001), "Leadership is the influence that particular individual exert on the goal achievement of others in an organizational context. In theory, any member of an organization can exert influence on another, but some members are in a better position than others" (p. 272). Furthermore, formal leadership is no guarantee that there is leadership, because some managers and supervisors fail to exert influence on others, but these leaders can therefore be termed as ineffective leaders. Therefore, leadership is not limited to a role, rather leadership skills comes from within.The Relevance of Understanding Pseudo- Transformational LeadershipTransformational ...view middle of the document...

Or they will time its release for when it will do the most good. They will give the appearance of confidence even when they are unsure about what they are doing and what they are telling followers to do. They will initiate projects which they personally oppose and delay implementing them so that the projects never are completed. They will publicly support but privately oppose proposals. They will openly compromise but privately divert the implementation of the compromise (Martin & Sims, 1956; Bass, 1968, p. 27). They may have the public image of a saint but privately are deceptive devils. They may appear to their followers to behave as a transformational leader but the appearance is deceptive for inwardly they remain more interested in themselves than their followers. They knowingly focus their followers on fantasies instead of attainable visions. They are pseudo transformational (Martin & Sims, 1956; Bass, 1968, p. 27).Martin and Sims (1956) stated that to succeed, all leaders must be manipulative (p.28). But, in fact, it is Pseudo transformational leaders who are deceptive and manipulative. Authentic transformational leaders may have to be manipulative at times for what they judge to be the common good, but manipulation is a frequent practice of pseudo transformational leaders and an infrequent practice of authentic transformational leaders (Martin & Sims, 1956; Bass, 1968, p. 28).The literature review on authentic and pseudo transformational leadership focuses on the four components of transformational leadership already mentioned, which includes: charisma, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration.Charisma and inspirational motivationThe first difference between authentic transformational leadership and pseudo transformational leadership lies in the values for which they are idealized. For instance, the authentic leader calls for universal brotherhood; the pseudo transformational leader highlights fictitious "we-they" differences in values and argues that "we" have inherently good values and "they" do not (Bass, 1985, p. 182). Bass (1985, pp. 182-5) summed up the importance of the values held by a transformational leader in determining his or her actions. The observed behavior might seem the same, but according to Burns (1978 p. 86), only if the underlying values were morally uplifting, could the leader be...

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