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Saint Mary’s University
The Report of Mini Venture
(Selling Used Textbooks)
My name is Hassan Ahmed AL-Hussain the first year business student in Saint Mary’s
University. It is not the first time for me to work in business failed especially the small
business. I used to work in several areas of business with my family, but the challenge that
i have with this venture is dealing with price, because through the time i have worked with
my family in grocery store or shop of fresh juice as a worker. I did not deal with price
In terms of pricing the goods and that challenge led me to ask some people that i have
worked with to tell what is the best way that i can use to put price and both of us the
consumers and i can get the benefit from Purchasing process. After starting in university i
noticed the importance of textbooks and at the same time how expensive they are that can
be difficult for some students to buy. As a student i can understand the need to cheap
textbooks and how it will be helpful if you get cheap used and good book at the same time,
so my small business come up to provide used text books for students and by cheap price
and this is the strategy that i am working in, Providing books that buyers need by a cheap
price and the books are in a good condition.
The Values and Goals:
Being honest with buyers is the most important value in this business because what i am
seeking for is to provide a good cheap textbooks that can be helpful for them in their
university's life. Also improving my skill in business through dealing with people and
understand more about deciding the price of goods and how i can satisfy the consumer. The
other thing is to strengthen ties between students that giving me the confidence to deal with
In The Future:
The goals have begun to give the rustles from the first day and that did not take a long time.
After starting this small venture i found some benefits that lead me to continue it in future.
make a connect with other student can give a chance to to know more about the life of
university and how to deal with it. Also, it has a good income that can be helpful for me as
student. To continue this small business i need to and work in strengthen links among
students and manage the time of study and working of collecting books and sell them . Also,
i need to deal with prices more and more to put the right one and that will create a good
competition with others.
The Idea of the Venture:
Used books is a small venture that based on collecting books that have been used and
selling them in a Facebook page. The venture focuses on university students who live in
Nova Scotia/ Halifax and need to buy university books. I started with business and science
textbooks because they are two of most popular majors here in Saint Mary’s University,
Dalhousie University and Mount Saint Vincent University. Using a Facebook page is one of
the easiest and useful way to connect with others and sell them the goods ...

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