The Responsibilities Of The Registered Nurse With Regards To The Use Of Social Media Bachelor Of Nursing Unisa Essay

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What are the responsibilities of the registered nurse with regards to the use of social media?
Using social media has a numeral benefit as a nursing students and Registered Nurse. To begin with, why it is important to be accountable as a registered Nurse while using social media. Firstly, how people’s life tend to impact by the internet and technology to find any related information through different type of social media website. Moreover, Google search engine, social networking web, Facebook page group, you tube, other academic database and academic forums are main websites to assist nurses to be socialise and internalise about their information to achieve nursing skills. Secondly, As a Registered nurse and nursing student; it is also duty to obey the social media guidelines provided by AHPRA for registered nurse for their benefits of using social media and consequences for incorrect use (AHPRA 2014).
In addition ,technically Social media can be defined as “Social Media is a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of User Generated Content” (Halle 2012 p.19). Therefore, it is clear that social media is transforming society from old fashion communication style and innovating new generation communication style .Recently mobile and online services are helping individuals to intermingle and exchange the information whenever people needed (Halle 2012).This way nurses and client both parties can communicate using different social media’s tool like comment, criticism and discussion through social media.
As a result, Facebook and Twitter are mounting at an incredible percentage, there are more than 800million active users of Facebook globally. Moreover, it is likely Facebook is helping Registered Nurses to exchange their knowledge among friends and social groups to share health related information (Farrelly 2014). However, Registered Nurse still criticise and comment to achieve new ideas and information to understand critical thinking and how it is important to update further through social media.
Similarly, it is important that Facebook as a social media is enabling Nurses and other health care workers to formalize their idea to pursue through communication to public sector and other stakeholders (Farrelly 2014). For instance, Diabetes Australia Facebook page not only to deliver the information about health impact of disease also there aim to support those individuals affected by these problems and support health professionals and research figures who are doing the research to support the people’s wellbeing to anticipate the idea of health promotion for diabetes people (Diabetes Australia 2017). In contrast, Research suggests that social media publications are also facing charges about not protecting people’s privacy and confidentiality right.
Through this experiences, nurses can practice to launch private groups on...

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