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"The Right Choice" Essay

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The Right ChoiceGeorge Eliot, a British writer, once said, "Decide on what you think is right, and stick to it." I found that the results of such decisions will reflect the decision made. A time when I made the right decision and stuck to it was when I went to a party ever the summer, and two people offered me a beer, and I declined. I did not regret that choice at all. The next day on the news, a story about a drunk driving bust from the previous night was on. It felt good knowing that I had made such a ...view middle of the document...

Also, I know that I could get into serious trouble for possessing such contraband as alcohol. Plus, if my parents ever caught me, it would have irrevocable consequences.Now that I have said, "No" once, if I ever arrive at a situation like the one I mentioned earlier, I will be experienced and know how to handle it. Also, I hope to get those who are not yet of age who do use and/or abuse alcohol, to stop their harmful habit. By remonstrating my point, I believe I can help to save lives.Did you know that alcohol use over time could cause severe brain damage? It can reduce brain capacity and its ability to function. Alcohol causes users to use poor judgment, which can lead to several people getting hurt or even dying. And believe me, it upsets to hear that a loved one has died because of a drunk driver.Just by writing this paper, I remind myself even more of what a good decision I made that night, to not drink, and I hope others find it salutary and choose to not use alcohol. The results have shown that by my wise decision-making, the outcome of that situation turned up positive. To those who have used or abused it, I strongly encourage them to quit, before it becomes too late.

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