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Engineering Design Proposal 
Research Design & Project Management 
1st Period 
The Rocking Chair 
The Rocking Chair 
The Rocking Chair project is an innovation that is meant to provide mobility 
and comfort to elders, or those who would enjoy a rocking and rolling experience. An 
original design of a rocking chair has two curved bands attached to the bottom on 
both sides called rockers. The innovated design will incorporate two sets of wheels 
attached to the sides of the rockers in which would have latches to slide the wheels up 
when you want to rock, or unlatch the wheels for the rolling experience.  
The Rocking Chair 
The objective of this project is to innovate a rocking chair that adheres to the 
elderly’s wants and needs. Most seniors love the traditional idea of sitting in a rocking 
chair and being surrounded by their grandchildren. The need for this rocking chair is 
to have a rocking chair that is comfortable, stable, and has a sense of mobility, I will 
utilize the engineering design process to successfully design a rocking chair that aids 
to senior citizens. I will define the problem, brainstorm possible solutions, research, 
specify my criteria and constraints, consider all of my solutions and pick a final 
approach, develop my design proposal, make a model, refine and improve, and then 
communicate the results. 
Current Status of Product/ Technology: 
Today’s rocking chairs don’t have any sense of mobility because their creation 
still has an old fashion sense of style. Rocking chairs are used for a sense of relaxation, 
but can be often uncomfortable because of the hard material in which it is made of. 
They’re also very low making it hard on the knees for elders, meaning they have to 
bend their knees for lower seating. Elders also experience their rocking chairs leaning 
back too far when rocking them. My innovated design will incorporate wheels, 
providing mobility, Cushions which will provide comfort, Higher seating to make it 
easy on the knees, and a wedge attached to the rockers to prevent the chairs from 
leaning back too far. The advantage of adding the wheels is that they will be able to 
move the rocking chair with getting up, but the disadvantage is having to latch the 
wheels back up when you want to rock the chair. The purpose of this Rocking chair is 
to provide seniors with a traditional rocking chair with modern features allowing 
them to roll their rocking chair around the house easily. 
Problem Definition: 
The rocking chair is an unique design that allows a chair to sway back and forth 
smoothly. Seniors utilize rocking chairs for the sense of relaxation and its traditional 
background of grandparents sitting in them with their grandchildren. Rocking chairs 
are often uncomfortable because of the material in which they’re made of, the rockers 
at the bottom makes the rocking chair lean back too far, and there is no sense of 
smooth mobility. To solve these problems, I will...

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