The Role Bollywood Play In Glocalization Communication Research

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What is Bollywood
The term “Bollywood” is what we would generally consider to be the Indian film industry with which combines distinctive music and dancing with in the movie.
The truth is Bollywood is a film producer. It is the largest film producer in India and one of the largest in the world. How big is it when compared with the likes of Hollywood. In 2011 Hollywood sold around 900,000 tickets globally. Bollywood managed around 3.5 billion.
What is glocalization
The central project of glocalization is to understand the reconfiguration of locality and local subjects, to account for new cultural forms emerging at the intersections of the global and local, and to counter the frequently expressed thesis of homogenization that is often associated with global flows of labor, culture, or capitals. Glocalization is a recognition that when ideas, objects, institutions, images, practices, performances, are transplanted to other places, they both bear the marks of history as well as undergo a process of cultural translation. The different meanings ideas or images acquire depend on the highly varied local spaces into which they are introduced and the equally varied local conditions under which they develop.
The usefulness of an informed ethnography resides in its capacity to comprehend the local as it articulates the global, and not in its supposed ability to understand the local in isolation from large scale structures and processes
A useful ethnographic framework needs to move away from studying direct correspondence between global forces and local effects to studies of relational intersections between the global and local.
Bollywood Roots
The first film was made in 1913 by 1931 Bollywood produced its first film with sound and consequently churned out 200 films that year.
The next big change to Bollywood came when Indian gained its independence in 1947. After that India hit its golden age of film in which more of the culture was able to shine through.
How does Glocalization impact Bollywood Film Making?
Just borrowing a story from Hollywood will not mean that the film will be a hit. I need something in the film that has the Indian roop [touch]
Audience responses to the use of English, and to ‘Western’ clothing, musical styles, and settings range from anxiety to pleasure, and vary from subject to subject, but audience members expressed an almost universal expectation that Bollywood films contain traditional clothing and music, that they retain the emphasis on familial emotion, and that they reinforce ‘Indian’ values. The active audience of Bollywood films thus does not passively succumb to complete Westernization, but rather successfully demands a compromise between Westernization and India: indeed, that Western adapt to India
Well known for its frequent remaking and reformulating of Hollywood
Bollywood’s growth
The Indian media scenario completely changed in 1991 with the arrival of international television.
The government’s new ‘open sk...


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