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The roles and responsibilities of a building surveyor
The roles and responsibilities of a building surveyor are very important they are in use so that when a project is in progress they ensure that all of the factors such as the budget is still within the given amount from the client and to make sure that the whole project is on schedule so that no extra costs will be given. Building surveyors are also there to advise the client on schemes and projects and then determine the requirements for the project the building surveyor must also prepare a scheme design with costings so the client has a clear insight of what the end product of the budget will become, the surveyor will then go over the programmes of completion which is similar to a schedule it advises the whole construction team on how to do their jobs.
Another responsibility of a building surveyor is to organize documents of tender which means they will put out a design scheme which suppliers will then bid against other companies for so they can then take on the job. The next part of their job is to determine the condition of any existing buildings and perform a survey to do so, then they will deliver a report which will state any possible issues or if any part of the building has fallen into disrepair and if this is the case they will then make a proposal for repair.
How building surveyors
Interact with other members
Of the construction team
People who the surveyor interacts with:
· Client
· Local authority
· Structural engineer
· Quantity surveyor
· Main/sub-contractor
· architectClient
Quantity surveyor
Structural engineer
Local authority/ HSE
Building surveyor
Quantity surveyor
An example of this is when a quantity goes out on a project they will make sure they are calculated the correct amount of materials needed for the project whether that is brick, timber, roof tiles or how many steal columns, beams are needed if to do so depending on what the building surveyor asks / client. The reason why a building surveyor and a quantity surveyor interact with one another as all the information that is asked to the quantity surveyor it would need to be sent back with how much material is needed for a certain part of the project and how much it will cost. This is because the building surveyor will need to know how much money is being spent where and when as he is in charge of the budget and making sure that everything is done on time.
Client/ building owner
On the other hand the building surveyor has one major priority other than making sure that the project is running smoothly and the budget is kept in mind; is making sure that the client knows everything that is going on and how much money is being invested into a certain area of the project. (As the money spent comes from the client) however when it comes to the client they pass down all ...

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