The Second Machine Age Of Automated Robots

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Sarah McMahon 42773318ISYS200 - Final Research Paper Question 1Technological breakthroughs are not an unprecedented occurrence throughout human history. Throughout the world, autonomous robot technology is advancing rapidly. Many are referring it this as the 'second machine age' whilst making correlations to the industrial revolution. When wide spread innovation such as this occurs, the fundamentals of the way we work, rest and play must be reconsidered. There is much debate over whether autonomous robots replacing workers will create new different jobs, or ever increasing inequality. This shift towards automation will be a major challenge for small business, companies and governments alike. With seamlessly increasing integration of autonomous robots into everyday life, there will be a less need for mobility and less human contact. Eventuating with the option for society to reconsider not only what is work and living but also what are memory, imagination and play.If we had to compare this second machine age of autonomous robots, the best comparison would be to the industrial revolution. Industrialisation meant a shift to special purpose machinery, increased transport and economic revolution. Although this meant that some jobs were displaced, history shows that a significant amount of new jobs sectors were created. Automated robots are set to replace manual jobs as well as jobs requiring large calculation higher function. To compensate for this, society will have to reconsider jobs that exist today. As technology increases society will have created new tools and innovated new jobs that we have not yet considered. As automated robots never sleep, people will have the opportunity to work around the clock in shifts rather than the traditional 'working hours' mechanism. This could mean that jobs that are held by one person with large amounts of down time could be held my numerous people.It must also be considered that there are some jobs that can only be /prefer to be done by real people. Examples of these are aged and mental health care, child care etc. Automated and artificially intelligent robots allow people to outsource their repetitive tasks, but does not allow for outsourcing creativity, problem solving or innovating. Many studies have concluded that problem solving within a large group of individuals gives a more innovative response than when the answer is found through computers.In the future, there could be a strong backlash against automated robot interaction with a preference for human interaction. There is increasing consideration about meaning in life. People are starting to prefer imperfectly created objects that have 'soul' through human creation rather than machine made. This can be seen to occur already within society. There is growing a trend emerging of 'made by a real person', 'small scale', 'homemade' or 'artisanal' products. Consumers are turning away from mass production, which can be seen as a parallel to automated produ...


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1394 words - 6 pages Free Question: An analysis of the contrasts made between, The time traveller, Elois and Morlocks, in the Time Machine by H.G Wells, During this SSL I intend to consider the links made by Wells between The time Traveller. Elois and the Morlocks. This linkage comes from the question that I believe is being suggested by Wells in the novel, Where do we draw the line between the primitive beast and the supposed modern man? In H.G. Wells

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586 words - 3 pages Deema Hujeir Technology Paper SCMS – 4510 – 001 Dr. Bradford Eichhorn November 23, 2018 Robotics There are over millions of robots in the world that created a great universal purpose. Whether we realize it or not, robotics plays a big role in making our daily lives better because robots are much faster, easier, more accurate, uncomplaining, and tireless. Nowadays using robotics is more efficient and capable of serving humans in a much more

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512 words - 3 pages there’s an issue of discrimination against age within health. A person’s age shouldn’t determine the treatment they’re given by medical staff as everyone should receive the care they need and a person’s age shouldn’t prevent them from doing so. The second piece of evidence regarding age inequality in health is from Lievesley (2009) who observed medical staff and found evidence of prejudice and ageist attitudes among health care professionals. Again

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1556 words - 7 pages the Socialist society of Communist Russia.At a young age Alexeyeva was a devout communist. Her parents both became members of the Communist Party and held prominent positions within it. She valued what had taken place during the revolution and was deeply moved by Stalinist propaganda featuring accounts of patriotism during the Second World War. She idolized the story of a young female Moscow guerrilla fighter who had been captured by the Nazis

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1145 words - 5 pages lieu of its traditional ways of life that mustn’t be questioned. Once people understood more of this concept, they too began to live and operate in a more logical way. The second significant idea that hailed from the age of reason was a new and different view of God and/or the role of religion in peoples’ lives. Early settlers contained a harsh view of who God was and what the role of religion in their lives was intended to be. It resembled a

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