The Secrete Life Of Walter Mitty English11 Essay

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October 2, 2017
Essay about
(Explore the reasoning behind why and how both Walters escapes reality.)
The main thing we learn about The secret life of Walter
Mitty between the story and the movie is that both Walters
escape reality, but also there are some differences between
In the story,Walter Mitty seems is fed enough with the boring
life and his ordinary tasks and errands given by his wife—
Mrs.Mitty.As we all know, it is clear that he is a typical quiet
man, just listen the orders from Mrs.Mitty and do it without any
hesitation , even not standing up for himself.Due to the fact that
Mrs.Mitty has overbearing and dominate characters, always
giving out to him and telling him what to do. We can easily guess
that they have an unhappy relationship.Walter therefore use
some romantic daydreams to escape.
On the other hand, the setting and plot of the movie is
totally different, but there is one thing in common—they usually
escape into a series of daydreams. In the movie, Mitty he is a
middle aged single man who has fallen in love with his colleague
Cheryl secretly. From the movie, we know that he is always
unhappy about his life even he was a teenager. Because his father
died early when he was 17, thence could imagine that he can not
get the love and experience living in society which taught by his
dad, comparing to his peers. Apart from that, he had to support
his family and gave up his state boarding passion since a very
young age. What’s more, in his morden life, he is anegetive asset
manager and working at a magazine corporation, but recently,
his workplace is acquired . He feels uneasy about his feature—
would he get fired by his new boss? What he can do is having
daydreams to escape his stressful life. Plus,it is apparently that he
is not confident enough to chase Cheryl. Therefore, another
reason for him absorbed in his daydream is the deep love to
Cheryl, In order to express his emotion and feeling about
Cheryl, he created several sweet and romantic imaginations in
this movie.
The ways used escape reality in the short story is different
from the one in the movie, because they have different bothering
things. In the short story, Walter’s life is full of errands, hence the
daydreams are occurring on the way when he is about to finish
the missions given by his wife. The first imagination is about
driving Navy hydroplane when he was driving car on the way to
Waterbury. He imagined he was a commander who is brave to
drive the hydroplane through a terrible storm ,thus he drove his
car faster and faster. Unfortunately, in the reality, Mrs. Mittty
shouted at him and complained why he...

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