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English Essay (the signs and the black cat)
Texts which scrutinize aspects of ‘the Unknown’ use a variety of techniques and camera shots to destabilise the audience. The texts ‘Signs’ directed by M. Night Shyamalan and ‘The Black Cat’ written by gothic writer Edgar Allan Poe both fall under the division of science fiction thriller genre which shows the unsettling nature of both texts. The film signs create a sense of suspense and tension by using different lighting and music techniques to evoke the feeling of fear and apprehension for the audience. As for the related text the black cat also uses a variety of language techniques to explore the idea of the unknown and create this eerie and unnatural atmosphere for the readers. By using different techniques and camera shots the film signs and short story the black cat creates suspense and tension, emphasizes on the aspects of the unknown through the utilization of different metaphors and symbolism techniques.
The film ‘Signs’ explores the concept of the unknown by using different techniques. More specifically, music plays a major part in the film as it influences the audience’s perceptions and evokes feelings of anxiety and unease, thus building tension and suspense. The opening sequence uses a loud and eerie style of music to alert the audience of the abnormal and dark subject of the film. The music utilizes an assortment of vociferous, profound, sharp and high-pitched sounds, which consolidate to enhance the audience’s feeling of discomfort, which evokes fear. The main purpose of this scene was to unsettle the audience and emphasize the unknown aspect of the film, an alien invasion. Therefore, this influences the audience into the belief that that they could be a situation similar to the one depicted in the film. As a result of this, suspense and tension are developed throughout this scene thus this sequence directly relates to the unknown. Additionally, the scene, ‘Disturbing Footage’, uses non-diegetic music to shock the audience and enhance the doubt associated with the alien invasion. The music mimics that which is used in the opening sequence; as a result, this is clearly a motif used to evoke disquiet in the audience. This music is boisterous and intimidating, which continues to build up suspense and tension, leaving the audience feeling unsettled. Therefore, this technique relates to the unknown as it is in a cliché style, which is commonly associated with science fiction thrillers. Through the utilisation of music, M. Night Shyamalan has therefore made effective use of music throughout the film as it heightens tension and suspense and evokes fear.
Supernatural elements and figures develop anticipation by playing on the audience’s imagination of the unknown. Furthermore, the film, Signs, uses lighting together with a scope of camera shots to heighten the level of anticipation and pressure created throughout the film. As a motif within the film, light and darkness are used to highlight ...


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